Surfboard Sizes – Which one to choose?

In addition to the surfer, other elements are required to surf, such as the wetsuit and the board.

Knowing that to ride waves, you must have a board to do so, you may ask yourself many questions and some doubts will arise; choosing the right board is not a very easy task, however, we will try to help you a little.

Today we will be talking a bit about the boards and the sizes of them, according to the needs and characteristics of the athletes who will use it.

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How to choose the size of my surfboard?

In order to choose the right surfboard for you, it is necessary to observe some important aspects such as the athlete’s height, age, physical condition, athlete’s level and the characteristics of the waves you are going to surf.

What size surfboard do I need?


The length of the board is the distance from the tip of the board or nose to the tip of the board or tail.

The longer a surfboard is, the easier it is to paddle and the more comfortable it is to ride the wave sections.

To ride big waves, the ideal is to use boards that are longer than 7′; they are longer and allow you to get on the wave sooner and have better control of the board.

For small waves, it is best to choose shortboards or fish boards, which make it easier to perform manoeuvres and movements.

For beginners, we recommend evolutionary boards or long minimalibu boards, measuring between 6’8″ and 8′, which make it easier to paddle and “take off”.


The width of the surfboard is a sign of stability; the wider it is, the more stability it offers. This measurement is made at the widest point of the board, from edge to edge.

When boards are narrower or narrower, more speed and performance can be obtained.

The wider boards, because of their stability, are suitable for beginner surfing and for waves of dubious quality.

The width of surfboards for beginners is between 20 and 22″; for experienced surfers the width is between 17 and 20″.


The body of a surfboard has a direct influence on the surfer’s performance; in general, its thickness and its distribution throughout the board influences its buoyancy and the ease of paddling.

The area where the board is thickest is the middle point of the board and decreases as you get to the tips.

For beginners, full thickness boards are recommended, from a minimum of 2 3/4″ to 3″, for stability and better paddling; experienced surfers use 2″ to 2 5/8″ boards for manoeuvrability and control.


It is a recent measure; it is an indicator that allows us to know if the board’s measurements are suitable for the surfer’s weight, height, physical and surfing level.

How are surfboards measured? Feet and Inches

For surfboard manufacturers, official surfboard measurements are in feet (‘or ft) and inches. The equivalences are:

1 inch equals 2.54 centimetres.

1 Foot equals 12 inches or 30.48 centimetres.

How do I know my surfboard size?

We now show the most common surfboard sizes; it can serve as a reference to learn about surfboard sizes.

  • 5’10: 178 cm 6’8”: 203 cm      7’5”: 226 cm     8’6”: 259 cm
  • 6’0”: 183 cm 6’9”: 206 cm      7’6”: 229 cm     8’10”: 269 cm
  • 6’1”: 183 cm 6’10”: 208 cm    7’7”: 231 cm     9’0”:  274 cm
  • 6`2”: 188 cm 6’11”: 210 cm    7’8”: 234 cm    9’2”: 279 cm
  • 6’3”: 190 cm 7’0”: 213cm       7’9”: 236 cm     9’6”: 290 cm
  • 6’4”: 193 cm 7’1”: 216 cm     7’10”: 239 cm    9’10”: 300 cm
  • 6’5”: 196 cm 7’2”: 218 cm     7’11”: 241 cm    10’0”: 305 cm
  • 6’6”: 198 cm 7’3”: 221 cm     8’0”: 244 cm      10’2”: 310 cm
  • 6’7”: 201 cm 7’4”: 223 cm     8’2”: 249 cm      10’6”: 320 cm

Tips to get your surfboard measurements right

If after reading everything we have told you, you still have some doubts and insecurities about buying your surfboard, you can go to a surf shop.

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There, they will be happy to help you solve your doubts and advise you on the correct measurements for your surfboard according to your characteristics and particularities.

You can also search the internet for websites with information about the measurements and requirements for surfboards and write an email to ask everything you think is important to know before buying your surfboard.

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