What are the best brands of clothing and surfboards?

In recent decades, a revolution has taken place in the design of sportswear and equipment brands.
Many of these big companies are dedicated to promoting surf events so you can see the image of their brands when you attend one of these sporting events.
Are you passionate about this sport and want to learn how to surf? To start you need clothes and the appropriate equipment. But if you are an expert, you might want to renew your surf clothes and try another type of board.
For you we have prepared the following post so you can get to know the best brands of clothes and surfboards you need to feel comfortable, fashionable and well equipped.

The best known surf clothes brands

Along the beaches and during the big surfing competitions, the most popular brands of clothes designed to make your surfing experience the most chic and comfortable appear.
We start with the most emblematic brands, then we expand the information with recognized brands that not only make clothes, but also accessories that can be combined and are very useful for you to surf without limitations.


Don’t be confused when you hear that this brand is one of the oldest manufacturers of surf clothes. Its variety puts within reach of all your family from swimsuits and shorts, all available in lycra and neoprene.


Founded in Australia in 1973 by the famous surfer Gordon Merchant, when in agreement with his partner they manufactured the first innovative swimsuits that used triple stitching and were able to withstand the surfing sessions.
Almost ten years later it began its international recognition establishing itself as the most important surfing brand and you can recognize the brand by its logo of four waves in black and white. Its emblem can be seen in surfing events, movies and on different beaches throughout the world.
Under the Billabong brand you can find clothes (T-shirts, shorts, shirts, swimsuits) accessories and backpacks.


This American brand of surfwear has more than 50 years of history and its founder is credited with creating the first wetsuit, a legacy of innovation that he passed on to his son who designed the leash.
The great trajectory of this brand gives you the opportunity to acquire quality products and innovative designs because they are always looking to improve and use the best materials.
You can recognize their products because they use a wave-shaped logo in black and white colors.


If you are looking for a brand that is only dedicated to producing surf clothes then we recommend the American company VOLCOM, where they manufacture the “purest style” for skateboarding and snowboarding.
Their designs are daring and the prints can make you not to go unnoticed.
When you buy a VOLCOM garment, whether it is clothing, footwear and/or accessories, we guarantee that they will be of very good quality. You can also use Volcom sweatshirts or T-shirts to go to the beach or combine it with jeans for a casual meeting.

Rip Curl

If you’re looking for quality surfwear but want something different from what the big brands like Quicksiler and Billabong offer, then we advise you to start using Rip Curl.
This Australian brand was one of the first to manufacture wetsuits that were really useful for surfing. Their pieces are made with recycled organic materials and their designs are inspired by warm beach colors.
You can find their shops in Australia, Europe, South and North America, even in South Africa but you must be very careful to locate the clothes because they have changed their logo regularly. The most iconic is the one marked with the number 1 but in 2004 they created one with the number 10, while in the last update their image is a red wave and the brand name in black.


It’s impossible to start a surfing life and not hear about the Quiksilver brand because its colors and designs are exclusive to the surfing style.
Its founder (Alan Green) had the great idea of creating the short surf suits.
This company founded in Australia is the male brand par excellence for high performance athletes and that is why they are practically forced to use the best materials to make their clothes.
Quisksilver also owns well-known brands such as Hawk, DC Shoes, Raisins, Leilani and Radio Fiji. Their logo is the image of a wave crest next to a snowy mountain and was inspired by a Japanese landscape.



The importance of surfing motivated large American companies to diversify and start designing, producing and marketing clothes and accessories for this sport.
For example, the well-known American shoe manufacturer (VANS) produces everything from clothing to backpacks, which you will recognize by their high-quality designs and materials.



Its founder (Bob Harley) was only 23 years old when he decided to start this company in the United States in 1970.
It is an excellent brand because its designs show the passion for the ocean, so you will quickly identify with their products.
The demand for Hurley’s clothes and accessories became so famous that it was acquired by the great sports fashion company Nike in 2002, thus increasing the prestige of their brand.


For girls you will find this brand that has been on the market for 20 years, some opinions point to it as a “fitness revolution” that describes you as a free and daring athlete. The colors and designs were selected are ideal for ladies.
Also at Roxy they design accessories, articles, shoes and even perfumes inspired by sportswomen like Lisa Andersen or Sofia Mulanovich.


If you are looking for a different style of surfing clothes we recommend the RVCA brand. Their style can be summed up in one phrase: “cool”, because they have managed to mix the everyday and the urban in a unique style of designs where you can feel the art, music and surf, in addition, their clothes seek inspiration from local artists.


The quintessential brand of youthful surfwear is Vissla. Its suits express freedom and progress. Among their designs you will find innovation and ecological passion.

Xcel Neoprene Suits

A professional and high-tech approach is what we recommend when buying your first wetsuit.
The Xcel brand offers the best quality, accessories and sun protection backed by almost 50 years of experience in making surf clothes.

Lightning Bolt

Many believe that Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing and that’s why Lightning Bolt can be that brand that manages to represent the soul of this sport.
When you use a garment of this brand you recognize it anywhere in the world for its quality and designs.

Loreak Mendian

Impossible to close the list of the best brands of surf clothes leaving aside Loreak Mendian. This Spanish brand is one of the most recognized in the market.
You will find it in its versions of urban clothing that you can use all year round because of its style and elegance.

The best known brands of surfboards

The first surfboards were made more than 500 years ago and in different parts of the world, however, only at the beginning of the last century began to develop as an industry following the classic Hawaiian patterns made with water resistant but very heavy woods and when someone tried to make them light they were practically ridiculed in different Hawaiian places.
The company known as “Pacific Systems Homes” is one of the first historical references you will find regarding the origin of the surfboard factories. Their first model was known as “Swastika” and they were sold for only $25.
The symbol of the company was an image of Indian origin and represented good luck, well-being and harmony.
Now you can find a lot of recognized brands that are dedicated to the development of surfboards and in an interesting tour we highlight the most important:

TorQ Surfboards

When you find a board with the symbol of this brand you are about to buy the most advanced technology and the best quality, you even find some of the best offers.

Lost Surfoboards

Company specialized in building boards and accessories.
It is located in California and you will recognize its products because they use several of the most advanced technologies and among its exclusives is the collaboration with Elon Musk in the launch of the Tesla Surfboard made with a special carbon fiber and very sought after by collectors.
It is also one of the most prestigious brands in the world and has a series of boards located in the Top 10 of greatest sales, for example the Puddle Jumper and the Lost V3 Rocket.
In its team you will find great surfers like Tag Barrow, Mason Ho, Carissa More and Tyler Wright.

Pysel Surfboards

This company has several awards, is based in California but has become an international business.
The surfboards they manufacture are used by the best surfers around the world and they also receive awards on several occasions.

Pukas Surfboards

This Spanish brand of surfboards is internationally recognized with one of the best positions in the European market, because their boards are made by the most experienced shapers.
Pukas’ boards are considered to be high performance.
Its reputation places it among the most important brands. For example the model Pukas Tasty Treat was chosen as the second best surfboard of the year.

JS Industries

The famous Jason Stevenson decided to create his own brand of surfboards, and his products have the touch of other professional surfers.

The type of boards they make are high performance so you can watch them recently holding the feet of the best surfers.
JS Industries’ boards can be distinguished by their Tractor logo, perhaps you have already seen it on the boards of the most popular surfers in recent years.

FireWire Surfboards

Some of the shapers with a lot of experience in surfing decided to join together to make the best boards. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy one of the FireWire boards because the combination of high-end materials you will hardly find in other brands.
The boards of this brand are light, flexible but also hard because they combine EPS and Epoxy with other high-end materials.
Among their most famous boards you can find: FST, LFT, Timbertek and Helium.
In addition, they stand out for their innovative designs such as the Evo model which is currently ranked first in surfboard sales.
One aspect that distinguishes this brand is that they promote environmental care and their materials are 100% eco-friendly.

Channel Islands

This is the brand of the famous surfer Al Merrick, but also some of the shapers with a lot of experience in surfing decided to join him to manufacture a wide range of board models for all styles.
I assure you that one of these boards is the right one for your needs, besides this company is characterized by its fast growth because they dedicate all their efforts to manufacture the best boards… they always look for innovation and create original products.

Aloha Surfboards

This Australian brand of surfing has the boards you can surf all the waves you will encounter.
Their brand promotes some of the best surfers in the world.
Their collection includes longboards, shortboards and twin, while the most popular models are the Aloha Black Bean, ideal for waves that form on the Mediterranean coast.

DHD Surfboards

Another renowned Australian brand that stands out for the combination of the best properties of two materials that you can find in most surfboards: fiberglass and epoxy.
This brand of surfboards is located in the top of the Twinfins market. One of its star models is the Mini Twin Fins DHD, it also has great surfers like Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore and Jack Freestone as part of its team.

Hayden Shapes

These boards are references in surf brands because they have won prizes as best board of the year up to three times in a row.
The famous Hypto Krypto model is one of their products that you will find in sports stores. They are also innovators in Future Flex technology, offering innovation and functionality in their products.
Among the most recognized models you will find in Europe are the Holy Grail, Hypto Krypto, White Noiz and the Plunder.

Mick Fanning Softboards

If you need to improve your surfing it is best to buy one of these boards because they are designed for beginners and advanced surfers.
Their line of soft boards has an FCS fin system which is why it is so versatile. The material they use for its elaboration is epoxy, and it also has a coating similar to a sponge (foam).

NSP Surfboards

If you are interested in a surfboard that can meet your needs and last as long as possible we recommend those made by New Surf Project (NSP) Surfboards, their quality and price are excellent.
The company NSP designs and produces hybrid surfboards, beginners’ boards, paddle surfboards and all with the same quality and the most innovative materials on the market.
Among its models of boards considered “stars” we present the hybrid expoy, which is ideal if you are an expert and looking for a relatively inexpensive shortboard.
The prices of this company’s surfboards are the most popular in the market.

Lib Tech

One of the most recognized surfboard models by this American brand is the Ramp.
This company also has more than 30 years of experience manufacturing surfboards and boasts of making the most resistant ones you can find in the world.

Clayton Surfboards

This company is supported by the great international prestige of its creator Clayton Nienaber, and is also a pioneer in SPINE-TEK technology.
SPINE-TEK technology consists of a fibre reinforcement designed to ensure that the board has greater strength and durability, as well as increased board flex performance.
Their factory can be found on the beach in Durban and they offer a wide variety of surfboards ideal for all types of surfers, ranging from high performance, traditional shortboards, single fins or twin fins. Also their epoxy boards are very light and float very well during paddling..

Creative Army

If you are a lover of handmade things, Creative Army’s boards will give you the guarantee of durability and exclusivity of their surfboards that are considered a unique work of art.
All the boards are designed so that you can learn to surf if you are just starting out, whereas if you are an advanced surfer you can also find in these boards a tool that allows you to stand out.

DVS Surfboards

Its creator is Dick Van Straalen, an innovative shaper who started surfing as a teenager and since then has been concerned with shaping his own boards.
Now you can classify him as a true master with over 50 years of experience making surfboards from paddleboards, longboards, guns, fishes, among others.
Among his best products is the DVS Skate made of EPS, carbon fiber and expoxy resin.

Vampirate Surfboards

This brand stands out because its boards are designed so you can surf fast, radical and a little bit wild. They are the perfect boards if you want to devote yourself to progressive surfing.
Among their most popular models you will find in stores the Rainbow or the retro fish Evil Twin.

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