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Best Surf Camp prices and offers in the incredible island of Lanzarote. Choose your level according to your needs: initiation, intermediate or advanced. You can also surf on your own in our free surfing camp. We are open all year long, specially for adults. You can come by yourself or in group. We have special rooms for couples and rooms for girls only. 

Enjoy our low cost surf camps, with best value and 100 meters from Famara Beach.

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Want to achieve your surfing goals? Come to the Canary Islands and enjoy your surf vacation in Lanzarote! We offer a groundbreaking system highly effective for progression (Gyroboard and Drysurf System Balance). 

If you already have some surfing experience, completed several courses at different schools, or participated in multiple surf camps, we’ve designed the “Total Experience” camp with exclusive activities for intermediate surfers.

If you decide to travel to the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is your destination, and the Famara Surf School is your spot. Here, you’ll find the surf course in Lanzarote you’ve been looking for: two-hour daily classes, perfect for getting back into the sport you love. If you’re in great physical shape, you’ll have access to all the equipment for your entire surf vacation in the Canary Islands, allowing you to surf on your own whenever you want.

This intermediate-level surfcamp in Famara is available year-round, with courses lasting 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, or 10 days, including accommodation just 100 meters from the waves.

We’re open all year round. You can start the program the day after your arrival.

And that’s not all… All equipment is free for you to use throughout your vacation, after classes, and on weekends! Make the most of your surf vacation. Just remember to return the equipment to the school before 6:00 PM each day.

After a few days of learning, we’ll review the photos taken during the week, offering a dynamic and fun way to learn from your own and others’ mistakes, as well as recognizing what you’re doing correctly. We’ll conduct a personalized photo analysis to correct postural and timing errors.

We’ll continue with more advanced theory beneficial for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students alike: how to pass the wave barrier (turtle and duck dives), positioning in the lineup, catching waves at the peak, and tips for your first surfari. The second Drysurf class will focus more on functional training, so don’t forget your sportswear and towel – you’re going to sweat!


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Best Surf Camp to improve your surfing technique and continue learning in a healthy way in Famara, Lanzarote.

This Total Experience Surf Camp package is recommended for intermediate surfers.

If you already have surfing experience or you have taken lessons before, we offer this healthy camp for surfers that do not start from scratch and have an intermediate level.

It’s one of the best choices for those who need to improve their surfing techniques safely, quickly and effectively. Come and have fun with us! Meet new people from around the world with whom you’ll be able to share culture and language while surfing, enjoying a barbecue or partying.

The Canarian good weather, the good vibes, the atmosphere of fellowship and the best waves that make possible a constant learning of new surfing techniques are some of the reasons why we recommend this Total Experience Intermediate Surf Camp.

The Intermediate Surf Camp is available all year long. In this Surf Camp, surf lessons for adults are held in the morning, from 10:00 to 12:00, and in the afternoon we organize activities and exercises in our private gym aimed to help students improve their technique.

Learn to surf through an advanced learning system and new techniques.

The gym has a screening room and counts on state-of-the-art systems and techniques in surf learning like the DrySurf System Balance and the Gyroboard. These will help you progress and improve your technique without the need to spend much time in water.

If you want to learn and have fun all at once, choose one of our camps, from 2 to 10 days, with accommodation included.


Surf lessons for intermediate surfers from 10:00 to 12:00h at Famara Beach.

In order to ensure a better learning, groups will have at least one instructor for every 8 students at the beach. Surf instructors are lifeguards and are certified by the Canarian and the Spanish Surfing Federation.


In the afternoon, from 17:30 to 19:00, we wil have theoretical lessons, functional training activities and screenings in our facilities with the aim of helping students make better progress. Activities are held in the gym or in the open air with the best and the latest learning methods.

All our exercises are designed to improve the students’ control over the surfboard. We will also analyze our photographs in order to correct any possible mistake.


Intermediate Surf Camp: 3 nights + 2 days
Intermediate Surf Camp: 4 nights + 3 days
Intermediate Surf Camp: 5 nights + 4 days



  • Private room accommodationat our Surf House in a natural reserve and only 100m far from Famara Beach.
  • Daily cleaning of common areas and linen and towels included.
  • 2 hour surf lessons every day.
  • A maximum of 8 students per instructor.
  • Surf instructors and lifeguards certified by the Canarian Surf Federation and the B.S.A.
  • Transport from our school in Famara to the beach.
  • Free 2 hour photo session and certificate (Camps of at least 5 days).
  • Equipment for free surfing after lessons and until closing time (on course days and from the third day of course).
  • Healthy activities in the afternoon, every Tuesday and Friday.
  • DrySurf session and photo-analysis to correct mistakes.
  • All the equipment needed for surfing: wetsuit, lycra, surfboard and leash.
  • Information brochure about the island on arrival.
  • Free WiFi at the Surf House.


We will learn some theory on common surfing mistakes and how to improve your technique from the very first day. Then, we will start some workouts focused on improving balance and strengthening the core. We will use special DrySurf System Balance boards, skate balance, bosus and TRX to improve the standing up technique and will finish with a good stretching.

Theoretical classes in which we will talk about all those factors that affect the waves and the practice of surfing aimed at making the most of your hours on the water. We will learn how tides, wind and currents work, what types of funds, how waves are formed or how to properly interpret a weather forecast map. We will also learn the rules of surfing, behavior in the water with other surfers, knowledge and care of the material, types of boards, differences in wetsuits and much more. Everything you need to know to continue enjoying and surfing.

After the learnings of the first days, we will use the photos that have been made to the students to correct the errors and learn in a dynamic and fun way. We will see the most common mistakes of the group and also everything you do well, through a personalized photo analysis. We will continue with a bit more advanced theory in which we will see how to pass the barrier of the waves, stand in the line-up, catch waves in the peak and “my first surfari”. Finally, we will give the second DrySurf class a more functional approach.


Share your requirements and interests, and we’ll provide assistance.

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Initiation SurfCamps in Lanzarote: from 2 days, with accommodation and 2 hour lessons included. If you have never surfed before and you want to learn while improving your physical condition, this camp is perfect for you!

SurfCamps for beginners in Lanzarote: 4 hours of lessons per day, with accommodation included. If you already have some surfing experience and you want to learn a lot more, this is your camp! 3 nights + 2 days of course minimum.

Free surfcamp: available for beginners and beyond. We offer accommodation and all the necessary material. Available all year round.

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Share your requirements and interests, and we’ll provide assistance.