Functional Surf Training

Tuesday & Friday

The class will start with some theory on common surfing mistakes and how to improve your technique from the very first day. After that we will have a workout session in our gym where we will focus on a series of balance and core strengthening exercises. To do so, we will use special Drysurf System Balance boards, an ideal complement to enhance surfing skills. Gyro Boards are perfect to stimulate turns on the surfboard and TRX and bosu will help us improve take-off and paddling. We will finish off with a good stretching routine.

We will have lectures on the different factors affecting wave formation and surfing that will help you manage this changing environment and make the most of your surfing experience. To achieve this, we’ll help you understand how tides work and how waves are formed, identify types of sea bottoms and currents and read weather forecast maps, learn surf rules and etiquette and how to behave in water and know how to properly identify and handle the equipment (like choosing the best surfboard according to your needs or a good quality wetsuit). You will also learn how to clean and wax a surfboard, what type of wax is suitable, when to use it, when to comb it, etc. To sum up, you’ll learn everything you need to know to enjoy this exciting sport to the utmost!

After a few days of learning and having taken photos during the lessons, we will proceed to review and correct the errors that may have been committed together with the whole group. This is fun way to learn while observing both your and your classmates’ mistakes and also to detect what you’re doing well. By analysing the photos taken, we will be able to correct bad postures and timing. We will continue with a bit more advanced theory from which beginners, intermediate and advanced students will benefit: How to dive under waves (turtle roll and duck dive), how to position in the line-up, how to catch the wave at the right time and “my first surfari“ with a lot of useful tips for your wave hunting adventures. We will finish the day with a more functional approach Dry-surf workout. Don’t forget your sportswear and towel. You will sweat like crazy!


We will have stretching for beginners or intermediate levels, another healthy way to stretch our body through basic postures. Thanks to it we’ll notice how necessary it is for our bodies to include a stretching routine in our daily lives.

Add any of our healthy afternoon activities to your Beginner Camp.

Improve your surfing skills with functional training!
1 day: €25 | 2 days: €40 | 3 days: €55 | 4 days: €65