Playa Dorada – Tourism and Surfing in Lanzarote

Playa Dorada – Tourism and Surfing in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is truly a land blessed by God; the perfect place for sightseeing, strolling, relaxing and having fun in any way you choose.

The island has fabulous beaches bathed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, whose temperatures are usually around 20 degrees Celsius, all year round.

In Lanzarote, the sea is quite calm and serene, which invites you to enjoy any of the numerous beaches scattered all over the island.

But as well as being able to enjoy the sun, sand and sea, in Lanzarote it is also possible to practice water sports and go on sea excursions, thanks to the island’s good climate.

One of the most renowned beaches is Playa Blanca which is located in the southern part of the island; it has established itself as one of the first tourist places in Lanzarote.

It is an ideal place for family relaxation and has a complete infrastructure for the excellent attention of visitors and tourists.

Playa Dorada is located to the east of Playa Blanca, close to the marina Marina de Rubicón.

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Why visit Playa Dorada?

This is a beach suitable for people of all ages, especially children and older adults.

Playa Dorada is an artificial bay of about 300 metres in length, with crystal clear waters and fine golden sands, from which the beach gets its name.

Playa Dorada, has attractions for all publics and tastes.  It is the perfect choice for those who want rest and relaxation while enjoying the sun and the sea, without noise or hustle and bustle.

It is also the ideal place for those who prefer water sports and activities.

It is one of the favourite beaches for family groups, as it has a beautiful promenade, where you can find a variety of restaurants and shops.

It also has all the amenities that tourists can look for, hotels and flats for rent, hammock and shower rental services, ample parking and many other important details for the visitor.

It is a very good area for scuba diving and underwater photography; it is also possible to practice paracraft, banana sky bus and jet sky, among other sports specialities.

Playa Dorada has been awarded the Blue Flag of the European Union.

This beach is not a natural formation, it was designed and manufactured, so it is an artificial beach.

Playa Dorada lanzarote

Photograph of Playa Dorada in summer, Lanzarote, Canary Islands | Source:

How to get to Playa Dorada?

If you feel attracted and want to go to Playa Dorada, you can get to this wonderful place walking from any of the hotels where you are staying or from one of the flats that can be rented.

If you are not in the nearby areas, you can get to Playa Dorada by car, without worrying about parking, as the area has ample parking spaces.

Playa Dorada can also be reached by bus from nearby areas, although it is not as fast and is a bit of a hassle to get there.

Here is the map to get you to Playa Dorada 🏖️!

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The best surf school in Lanzarote is located in the cove where Famara beach is.

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