Best surf spots in the Canary Islands

Its excellent weather, delicious food, dreamy landscapes and cozy atmosphere, make the Canary Islands the perfect destination for your next vacation. But the Canary Islands not only stand out as one of the most recognized options to enjoy the sun and  sea all year around, thousands of surfers visit these islands every month, as they are one of the best surfing destinations of all Europe.

And, thanks to its stable weather conditions and a water temperature almost 20 ° all year around , the Canary Islands turned in to a surfing meeting point, one in which  the best surfers in the world meet.

That’s why we have prepared this complete surf guide for the Canary Islands, with all the details you should know to enjoy your waves to the fullest, ideal for surfing as much as you can.

Surfing Canary Islands

Surfing Canary Islands

Canary Islands: the fortunate islands

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Canary Islands come from a volcanic origin composed by eight islands, seven of them all independent from each other called El Hierro, La Palma, La Gomera, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, while La Graciosa number eight located up north, is in the process of being also self-managed.

Also known as the Fortunate Islands, they offer spring temperatures 365 days a year, perfect to enjoy the sun on its paradisiacal beaches, but also to go surfing as much as possible during the day. Its amount of high quality waves , its wide range of surf courses and the possibility of renting boards and other surfing materials , make surfing in the Canary Islands a truly unforgettable experience.

Let´s know more about those Island’s offer.

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Surf in Tenerife

The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife, known for its great diversity and for having the highest mountain in Spain. In it, there is many resorts for those tourists searching those incredible beaches along the coast.

For both, for beginners and experienced, Tenerife is one of the ideal places to surf in the Canary Islands, even during winter. Everything on this island is spectacular and offers the opportunity to enjoy an amazing surfing level, especially bodyboarding.

Up north, you will be able to find excellent quality waves in Puerto de la Cruz, considered one of the best spots for beginners in Tenerife, while in the south, In “Playa de las Americas” we are able to find the islands best wave called Las Palmeras left . You will be able to find the best waves from October to September.

Best surf spots in Tenerife – northern area

In Tenerife’s northern side, very close to Puerto de la Cruz, we will be able to find “El Socorro” beach the ideal option for those who want to surf in the Canary Islands and who are just beginning to practice it. In this part of the island there are great left and right waves every month of the year.

Located a few kilometres from “La Laguna” beach, “El Charco part from Bajamar is one of the most visited surfing destinations in Tenerife. The most experienced surfers travel to this place for its right waves, short and powerfull, up to one to two meters hight. Composed by a rocky bottom and winds that go from south to southwest.

Also for the most experienced surfers, “Los Dos Hermanos” beach, located near El Charco in the north of Tenerife, famous for surfing in the Canaries during the winter. 

In Punta Hidalgo´s peaceful town ,we will be able to find this spot “El Callao” that appears when there is medium tide and its large waves of up to four meters, variables and pipes. The best time for surfing in this part of Las Canarias is in the months of autumn and winter.

Best surf spots in Tenerife – southern area

Way down south Las Palmeras left wave in Las Americas beach is one of the best known waves of Tenerife. Known as the Spanish Left, this left wave has a medium difficulty and breaks on a volcanic background. Its best time is between autumn and winter, it works with any tide and gives us a vertical descent wall with fast sections.

Besides being known as an ideal area for diving, Las Galletas is also an option for surfing in the Canary Islands. Located in the southern part of the island, here, both beginner and experienced surfers can find gentle waves, especially during the summer. Also, visited by many bodyboarders.

La Machacona with powerful long crystal tubes,   located near “Montaña roja” perfect for bodyboarders who especially travel here during summer. Also in this area we can find   “La Tejita” beach that offers us perfect conditions for surfing, especially for intermediate level surfers.

“Las Conchas” beach in “Guía de Isora” is also another well-known destination for surfing. This beach offers high quality waves, especially in winter, visited by the most experienced surfers.

Interesting Facts for surfing in Tenerife

One of the most recommended places to stay in the area is, Twin Fin, a surf house that offers free Wi-Fi plus all the amenities for a pleasant stay. This surf camp also offers surf courses, yoga lessons and several optional activities.

Apart from being a very economical option, in this surf house you will be able to prepare your own food in their facilities. It is located in Adeje, in the south of the island and the telephone number is +34 609 56 50 65.  

Endless Summer Hostel surf camp located in Playa de las Americas” is a cheap option and has also free Wi-Fi. They have different room options and full equipped kitchen.

You will be able to get to this surf hostel from Tenerife South Airport catching the bus 111, if you also arrive at night it is advisable to go by taxi. Their contact telephone number is +34 922 75 10 40.

Surf guide in the Canary Islands

Surf guide in the Canary Islands

Surf in Gran Canaria

With its almost 60 kilometres of beach zones, Gran Canaria stands out for its excellent climate and its varied beach offer. We are able to find options for all tastes, from the most popular and visited to others more quiet and peaceful. All of them with a special attraction, which makes this island one of the most important tourist destinations in the country.

Gran Canaria is also a good place to start surfing. The island has some of the best spots for surfing including its good weather, provides safe conditions to learn to surf throughout the year. In various parts of the island it is possible to find surf schools, with courses for all ages and levels, from beginners to the most experienced.

For several decades, La Cícer, located on the famous Las Canteras beach is the spot most visited by surfers of all levels.

Best surf spots in Gran Canaria – northern area

One of the most famous spots in Gran Canaria and bodyboarders all over the world favourite is El Fronton. Its waves are very powerful and spectacular, recommended only for the most experienced. It is located in Galdar´s outskirts, after crossing a route full of banana trees. In El Frontón it is advised to surf accompanied by local surfers.

Another popular surfing and  bodyboarding spot in the Canary Islands is San Felipe´s beach, which is accessed by a detour from the GC-2 to San Felipe, in northwest direction, towards Santa María de Guía de Gran Canaria . Also known as “Vagabundos” beach, where the waves break several meters from the shore, generating fast waves that break left sides.

Considered one of the best surf waves right in the Canary Islands and most likely across Europe, El Confital is located in the center of the city of Las Palmas and gives us fast and powerful waves, with vertical drops that break on volcanic soil and high quality tubes, ideal for the most experienced surfers

Also known as La Cícer gives us one of the best rights in Gran Canaria. Located on the beach of Las Canteras, this spot is exposed to the waves because it is not protected by La Barra, generating the perfect conditions for surfing on the island for much of the year.

Best surf spots in Gran Canaria – southern area 

From “Playa del Inglés” to Maspalomas lighthouse, this spot is ideal for beginner surfers. Sandy beach usually crowded, with  level 2 waves classification, the bottom is boulders and its wave direction is right.En la zona sur de Gran Canaria también podrás surfear en Arguineguín, La Curva, Mosca Point y Arinaga.

Interesting Facts for surfing in Gran Canaria

In Las Palmas, facing the beach and just 6km from the port of La Luz, is the Ponte Las Cholas Beach House, an alternative economic accommodation with free Wi-Fi, bicycles available and shared kitchen.

This surf hostel is located 27km from Las Palmas Airport and also offers surf lessons in this area. It has a family atmosphere and surfing more than recommended. Their contact telephone number is +34 622 50 99 91, ask for Alexis.

Also in Las Palmas, in calle Covadonga, Little Surf House offers us comfortable rooms and fast free Wi-Fi and anything you need to store your surf equipment. You will also be able to take surf and bodyboard lessons. The nearest beach is Las Canteras and their contact telephone number is +34 690 92 88 17, ask for Alfredo o Rosa.

Surfing in Lanzarote

One of the best places to learn to surf in the Canary Islands,  Lanzarote composed by incredible lunar landscapes that blend with the ocean. Its dark sand beaches, formed by volcanic activity, give us excellent views, relaxing and unique. This of Europe´s Hawaii surfers favourite destination, who can find all kind of waves…   

Of all the Canaries, Lanzarote is the favourite island for surfing, especially Famara´s beach, ideal for beginners due to the quality of its waves. That is why it is home to the most important surf schools and offers surf hostels and surf camps.

Besides Famara, in Lanzarote there are beaches for both beginner surfers and experienced, each of them with very high level spots in them.  In La Santa we can also find the most sought left wave by experienced surfers, while in La Caleta de Caballo the waves are preferred by bodyboarders.

Best surf spots in Lanzarote – north and west

Surfers of all levels meet at Playa de Famara due to the perfect spots for practicing this sport. The town atmosphere is surf everywhere, away from the typical tourist offer around the Canary Islands and with the possibility to start surfing. Some of its recommended spots are the “Codito”, the Mill, the “Bunquer”, the Palo and the “Papelillo”.

Also located in  Lanzarote´s west side , Caleta Caballo offers fast peaks with piping sections; composed by a rocky bottom and breaks at mid tide. Hard to access, this spot is for the most experienced.

Here you can see each of the available options for surfing in Lanzarote:

BEGINNER SURF COURSES: from 50€/person. ¡Come surf with the best climate! Here you can surf all year long and in our Beginner Surf Camps you can stay from 3 to 14 nights!

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For the more experienced, La Santa represents the challenge to control his dangerous waves, which are famous worldwide. The most popular spot, “El Quemao”, “Canarias Pipeline”, has hollow and strong waves, of great intensity, which open on the right and on the left. Here the Quemao Class is celebrated, an annual event that brings together the best surfers in Europe. Recommended only for expert surfers.

La Santa´s left another of the recommended spots in the area; a short and explosive wave, which breaks from both sides. Experienced surfers prefer their left drop for their perfect tubes that form on volcanic reef bottoms. The use of booties is recommended for entering the water.

Up north, near to “Playa de la Cantería”, we can find Caleta del Mero, which provides variable peaks with barrel sections. It breaks at low / medium tide and has rocky bottom.

Famara beach

Best surf spots in Lanzarote – south and east

El Golfo is a great place to surf in Lanzarote, especially during summer. However, the strong currents prevent swimming so it is necessary to have a lot of experience to surf their waves, which are very fast and extremely dangerous. This beach has a characteristic green colour, due to its volcanic composition

El Espino perfect wave that offers long barrels, with hollow sections. Located on the east of the island, in “Punta Mujeres”, it is only for advanced surfers. It is a sharp volcanic reef,and shallow, so it is advisable to wear booties.

Up north, right away from “Punta Mujeres”, in Haría, we will be able to find “Jameos del Agua”, located inside a volcanic tunnel. The wave of volcanic rock is an impressive long left that can reach 4 meters, perfect for maneuvers and tubes. It is shallow so it can be dangerous for beginners.

Interesting Facts for surfing in Lanzarote

In Lanzarote you will be able to find our surf school and surf camp, with the best accommodation and surf  courses offer on the island. We offer rooms a few meters from Famara´s beach, in our Surfhouse Hostel, with free Internet service in common areas and access to a large terrace, with barbecue and sea views.

Here you will see the best surfcamp packages (accommodation and surfing lessons)

Initiation Surf Camps: from 195€/person. From 3 days to 14, with accommodation included in a surf house.
Beginner Surf Camps: from 240€/person. From 3 days to 14, with accommodation included in a surf house.
Intermediate Surf Camp:  from 290€/person. From 3 days to 14, with accommodation included in a surf house.
Free Surfing: from 160€/person. From 3 days to 14, with accommodation included in a surf house.

On this island there is one of the most prestigious surf schools in the Canary Islands, with experienced surf instructors offering surf lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers.

Our surf courses are available all year round and you can find options from 35 euros per person. Packages include transportation, necessary materials, diploma and photos. For beginners we offer intensive surf camp and surfaris for the more experienced.

We also offer a Surf & Yoga camp  ideal to disconnect and get fit by practicing yoga and surfing. With our program, you can prepare your body and mind for the high demands of surfing in the Canary Islands.

In the surf school, we have taught courses since 1996, so we can assure you that by completing the five-day course you will achieve the necessary knowledge, with the guarantee that you will  receive free of charge lessons until you achieve the goal.

You will be able to find us in Avenida El Marinero, 13, Caleta Famara, 35558, Teguise, Lanzarote. And our contact telephone number is +34 626 91 33 69.

Surf in Fuerteventura

After Tenerife, Fuerteventura is the second largest island in the Canary Islands quite visited on holidays, due to its more than 150km of lovely beaches, it is perfect to enjoy the sun and the sea breeze.   

With its many high quality waves pumping all year around and its white sand that is part of the desert and charming environment, Fuerteventura is also a perfect place for surfing in the Canary Islands.

Among the many spots recommended for surfing in the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura has some very prominent spots. Some surfers go north, to “Corralejo”, in front of Isla de Lobos, in searching for this powerful and hollow wave, considered the largest one in the Canary Islands, while others go in search of this other right wave called “La derecha de los hermanos”.

Surf school in Lanzarote

Best surf spots in Fuerteventura – north

As mentioned before, la derecha de Lobos (Lobos right wave) It is the longest wave in the Canary Islands. Although it is unusual, it can be the perfect wave if the right conditions are met. This spot is very versatile with medium and low tide and is ideal for intermediate and experienced levels. To get there, it is necessary to go by ferry from Corralejo´s harbour.

Surfcamp initiation

Up north, El Hierro t is a world class right wave that breaks on a sharp reef, providing high quality barrels. This wave offers two peaks that break on a deep volcanic bottom. The main peak is a fast and hollow left, while its right is short potential. This is one of the most visited waves for surfing in the Canaries, especially between autumn and winter.

La derecha de los alemanes, used to be called the legionary´s wave, it is a classic wave that breaks when El Hierro is too big , a quick right that is suitable for beginners. Be careful with strong currents when the waves are large.

Out of Corralejo, in the northern area of the island of Fuerteventura, we find El Bristol, a very powerful left with complicated sections that usually surf the premises.

Other ideal surf spots in Fuerteventura´s north side are La Generosa, Mejillones, La Caja, Punta Blanca, El Muelle del Cotillo y Esquinzo.

Best surf spots in Fuerteventura – southern area

Down south, specifically in La Pared´s  little town , you will be able to find Playa del Viejo Rey and Playa de la Pared beaches , both with a good offer of surf schools for the different levels. Of them, “El Viejo rey” is the largest one and counts with a  nice surfer atmosphere, while La Pared is very popular for those seeking to surf in the Canary Islands.

Meanwhile, in the southwest of the island we find “Punta del Tigre”, one of the most remote places for surfing, but usually frequented by surfers. They are great quality waves, it is advisable to surf them at high tide.

Also, you will enjoy surfing in en Cofete, El Moro, Las Caletas, Playa Puerto Rosario, Salinas, El Puertillo, Punta Mandanga y en el Faro de Jadía.

Interesting Facts for surfing in Fuerteventura

In Corralejo, on the north coast of Fuerteventura, you will be able to find Homegrown Surf House , a great surf camp alternative on this island. They are a meeting point for surfers from different parts of the world, so it is ideal to share experiences.

They offer transfer from and to the airport and have free Wi-Fi, solarium terrace and other amenities. Also, they are surf school and surf shop.

Their contact number is +34 928 53 57 20 (Homegrown) 

Surfing in La Graciosa

La Graciosa and its beaches make it an ideal island for surfing.

Recently recognized the eighth island, La Graciosa, is located northwest of Lanzarote and administratively depends on it. Golden and lonely beaches in it, La Graciosa is, perhaps, one of the few European places away from mass tourism and where it is possible to breathe some peaceful air.

La Graciosa is also a great place for those looking to practice good surfing in the Canaries place as waves are powerful and recommended only for high-level surfers. Not being suitable for beginners, this island does not have any surf school or surf initiation alternatives.

Best surf spots in La Graciosa

Down south we find “La Francesa”, a white sand beach with great quality waves. On its rocky bottom breaks a long right wave and very pipe, with many perfect sections. We can also find Montaña Amarilla, located on the south –west part of the island, a left wave that appears when the swell comes in from the west. Almost always glassy, with very fast waves and barrels. Getting to this beach walking from the village is usually very heavy, but the quality of its waves is worth the effort.

beach la francesa la graciosa
Beach la francesa la graciosa

On the northwest side of La Graciosa, near the beach of Las Conchas, is “Baja del Ganado”, a spot with very powerful and difficult waves, which break better from the right. The tube is short but explosive, suitable only for experts. The best waves are in the months of autumn and winter.

El Basurero a potencial wave, you will be able to surf it at low tide and winds from the southeast. Named this way as it breaks near a dump located in the northwest part of the island. Access to this place through a route between volcanoes, by a detour to the north that leads to the coast.

In La Graciosa, it is also possible to surf in “El Corral”, a very powerful long left, which breaks over rock reefs; “El Alambre”, composed by interesting peaks; and Pedro Barba, with a left that breaks perpendicular to the coast

Interesting Facts for surfing in La Graciosa

In La Graciosa there isn´t any hotels to receive visitors, however, it has small hostels and restaurants with good prices. “Enriqueta guest house” in  Calle de la Mar in Barlovento that offers simple rooms with bathrooms. Their contact number is +34 928 84 20 51.

La pensión Girasol another economic option, their phone number is  +34 650 84 98 25.

For Jeep 4×4 rides,  surf trips and surfaris around the island, you can contact Andrés at +34 638 08 69 65 or with Miguel at +34 646 18 49 95.

Live your surf experience in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are the best surfing option in Europe. This paradisiacal archipelago offers everything you need to live the experience of mastering its perfect waves: unparalleled weather, the best spots and the widest range of surf schools, surf house, board rentals, surf camps, surfaris and surf tours, for every taste.

Whatever your level is, in the Canary Islands you can find an ideal beach for your surfing style. So, if you are a beginner, at Famara Beach, in Lanzarote, you will find the best surf schools in the world, while, if you are an experienced surfer, you can challenge one of the best waves on the right in the Confital, in Gran Canaria.

We are sure that this compendium we have prepared for you will be of great use to you on your next trip to Las Canarias. If you want to contribute information that will help us enrich this surf guide in the Canary Islands, get in touch with us or write us in the comments.