Surfing in “La Graciosa”: How to get there, where to stay , School, waves and beaches – La Graciosa Island information

In the 80´s la Graciosa was something like a “rough diamond”, now a days it has been declared the 8th island of the Canary Islands and still remains to be one of the best Islands of the Canary Islands to surf!

Advanced surfers paradise, not apt foor beginners , there isn´t any schools in the Island.

La Graciosa is one of the little ( and almost missing ) corners of Europe where technology and modernity have not arrived yet In La Graciosa there are two small villages that you are able to visit, Caleta de Sebo where the ferry docks and where you can find all the services for tourists (restaurant, supermarkets, excursions, diving center, bicycles to rent and accomodation) and also at the town of Pedro Barba, north of the island (where there is almost nothing).

How to get to La Graciosa from Lanzarote´s airport:

You must go to Órzola (Municipality of Haría), for this you would have to take a bus from the airport to the bus station in the capital of Arrecife and transfer to another one that takes you to Orzola, here you have Lanzarote´s bus web page where you will find schedules and prices, an adventure in which you can take approximately 3 hours to reach Orzola.

Important to know : The last Ferry to La Graciosa is at 17.00h, so if you arrive to the airport late or you think you wont get on time to catch the ferry you could stay in one of those Hotels in Arrecife and travel to the Island the next day .

Hotels in Arrecife:

Also another great option if you are thinking of staying just a few days in La Graciosa and you also want to visit arround Lanzarote is to rent a car including your pick up at the airport and travel to Orzola leaving your rental car at Orzola´s port so whenever you return you can continue your visit by car.

Manage the car rental yourself here, excellent prices with this rental company in Lanzarote without surprises and 100% honest : car rental in Lanzarote.

Once you get to Orzola´s dock your inner peace begins, where the “ Clock stops” … Just to sit there and wait for your Boat transfer that will take you back to the XX century. Between unpaved roads, virgin beaches and houses you will find the inner peace that you craved.

To get to La Graciosa by Ferry you can check those websites : o where you will be able to see the boat schedules and different prices, usually they change during the winter, the boat trip is arround 35 minutes.

What to do in La Graciosa:

There is a Diving school,there are sup courses, sport fishing, hiking excursions, bicycle rental, 4×4 excursions everything ready to hire at your arrival to the island, in the same dock where you arrive with the ferry you will find just in front : bike rental shops and right next you will also see a few 4×4 cars waiting for a tourist to request service. It is also a beautiful island for those looking to surf in the Canary Islands.

Chillout in Caleta del Sebo, Beer tastes better in places like this.

Accomodation in La Graciosa:

In Caleta del Sebo there are two pensions (Enriqueta pension and Girasol pension) you can also rent private apartments asking in the supermarkets, restaurants, bicycle shops or the drivers of the 4×4, there everyone knows each other and they will all help you. Also you are able to book your accommodation before your arrival using touristic platforms such as

Pensions and hostels in the Island. Pensions and hostels in the Island.

Views from pensión Girasol to Caleta de Sebo´s dock.
Pensión Enriqueta 0034 928 84 20 51

Where to eat:

You will be able to find nearly all of restaurants and bar are in the same avenue, maybe not many off them but, fresh fish is guaranteed. Perhabs I would mention a restaurant that belongs to this hostel “ Pension Enriqueta named “Los Marineros” best place to have home made food ( in special “sancocho” tipical from the Canary Islands ).

The bakery located on the same avenue you will be able to find delicious snacks and sweets, there you can also buy soft drinks, beers and water.

The Supermarket is also on the same avenue , there is also another supermarket just up a few streets called “ El supermercado de Margarona , la alcaldesa”.

Excursions and tours arround “La Graciosa” on a 4 x 4

Here you have 3 trustable contacts you could call to have a ride .

4x4 for surfari arround the island, máximum 9 pax per trip

4×4 for surfari arround the island, máximum 9 pax per trip

Jeeps for excursions, surf tours 20€ for the round trip.

The best way to surf arround La Graciosa. The best way to surf arround La Graciosa.

Best beaches in La Graciosa.

Playa de los Salados, playa los Franceses, playa Montaña Amarilla, playa de la Concha, playa del Hueso, playa la Lambra.

Special Atencion : Be carefull swiming in “ la playa de la Concha” at first sight look so calm but It is one of the most dangerous beaches in the Canary Islands, once you are in few meters away you will no longer tuch the ground and there are very strong currents (many people have drowned in this beach).

Playa de los Franceses

Playa de Montaña Amarilla (Cala de la Cocina) Gorgeus and always protected from the predominant North-east wind , recommended to have a swim only 20 minutes walking from the Village.

Just below Montaña amarilla´s feet you can also find natural pools.Just below Montaña amarilla´s feet you can also find natural pools.

Playa de la Concha, amazing (very dangerous to swim), North –east of the island.

Surf in la Graciosa – Amazing waves:

Very good quality waves only suitable for experienced surfers , not recomended at all for beginners or intermediate surf levels . There aren´t any surf schools on this Island but if you are looking in to learning some surf we can recomend you to come to our surf school located in Famara (surf school in Famara) where we offer courses for all levels also surf camp including Accomodation ( only 100 meters from the beach ) and surf lessons within the Famara nature reserve

Best waves in La Graciosa:

  • Los Franceses (The Island´s diamond)
  • Montaña Amarilla (Epic barrels)
  • El Corral (Paradise)
  • La Medusa
  • El Basurero
  • El Ganado
  • La Concha
  • El Hueso

    Montaña Amarilla. Montaña Amarilla.

Los Franceses.

Los Franceses Los Franceses

The best season to surf in la graciosa would be from October untill the end of April , without a doubt it is a surf trip that you can´t miss during the winter, if you are an advanced surfer, you will be able to enjoy a good surfari in La Graciosa, as long as you know to respect the locals, here you will be welcome.

La Medusa.

El Corral. El Corral.

Los Franceses La Graciosas perfect wave!

The Crown of all waves for the Island surfers The Crown of all waves for the Island surfers

We have to warn that localism on this island is quite radical, hopefully sometimes you can find a wave without a surfer so take advantage, it’s your turn! They usually go later in the day to surf although the epic days they are the first ones at the peak, they are usually good people but they love the calmness and they already have enough sharing the waves with all their brothers from Lanzarote, who usually go to this island every time there are good waves just like in the rest of the world. If you know how to respect you will be able to surf!

Be careful with the sea urchins and especially with the ones that are poisonous, you will know how to differentiate them by the size of the tines (the ones with big and thin tines)

PS: To begin to please any local surfer in La Graciosa or anywhere arround the world, the first thing you have to do is to travel alone or maximum with one friend … if you are a big group you will not start very good !

Montaña Amarilla.