The Big Wave “JAWS” – The Giant Wave of the Island of Maui

For surfers, the main motivator for surfing is the existence of waves that represent a challenge for their qualities, physical and emotional capacities.

The bigger and stronger the waves are, the more motivated the surfer will feel to face the challenge that each one of them can represent; the idea is to conquer and dominate them effectively.

Around the world there are many of these natural phenomena that become wonders sought after by surfers to put their best surfing skills into practice.

Among the biggest waves sought after by surfers we can mention the following:

  • Vila de Nazaré, Portugal
  • Oahu Island, Hawaii
  • Mavericks, United States
  • Te’ahupoo, Tahiti
  • JAWS, Hawaii


In the Canary Islands 🗾 , and more specifically in the 🌅 Famara Beach (Lanzarote) 🏝️ you are not going to find these “Big Waves” 🌊, but it is the perfect place to personally encounter this sport, being able to feel and experience the surfing lifestyle that we have been teaching in our surf school since 1996 🏫🏄🏻

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Where does the “JAWS” wave form?

Maui island Hawai

Foto de la Isla de Maui (Hawái) | Fuente:

JAWS, also known as Pe’ahí, is one of the giant waves that form around the world, specifically on the island of Maui, which is part of the Hawaiian Archipelago.

This wonder of nature when formed can reach heights of up to 20 metres and its name comes from the famous movie JAWS, Jaws, by the no less famous Steven Spielberg.

It is classified by many as a monster because of its magnitude and strength; just watching a surfer paddling in this marine giant makes the heart race and shrink from the emotion generated.

And we are spared the commentary that arises when a surfer suffers a wipeout. For some connoisseurs, JAWS is the most complicated XXL surf spot in the world.

It is a wave that breaks with big swells, coming from the north, although the perfect conditions to see it in all its magnitude, is during the winter swells coming from the northwest accompanied with some soft south wind.

JAWS has a critical drop-off, especially when paddling in, and many surfers have had big scares and bad times thanks to the action of JAWS.

It is considered to be the biggest, scariest and most beautiful wave ever formed in the world.

A surfer’s dream

surf dream


All sportsmen and surf fans know that JAWS, the wave, has a great force and is very violent, especially when it breaks.

The sound produced by this action is similar to that generated by thunder and lightning during a storm.

The wave bursts approximately 300 metres in front of a rocky cliff where very dangerous sea currents run; it is also possible to find some sharks from time to time.

Even with all this knowledge of what JAWS is and represents, all the surfers in the world wish to be able to conquer this monster sometime in their lives as athletes and to enter the book of the intrepid who have been able to ride successfully on JAWS.

Fans wish to be able to travel to Maui one day to get up close and personal with JAWS, the giant wave.

When does the “JAWS” wave form?

The best time for swell formation in Maui, specifically in the Pe’ahí region, is during the winter.

So all surfers who dream of conquering THE WAVE, are on the look out for the season when JAWS, the giant wave, forms.

As the winter season approaches in the Hawaiian Islands, the mobilisation of athletes and fans in search of JAWS takes place.

Their aim is to make history in the world of surfing, thanks to this extraordinary marvel formed by the action of the movements of the sea waves, during this specific season.

To surf JAWS, it is necessary to have the right physical and mental preparation, as well as the right connection with nature and to be able to trust in what you want to achieve.

It is important to be completely sure that the decisions taken are the most correct and adequate, to have determination, not to doubt in the objectives sought, since a mistake can be responsible for tragic events.

Videos of surfers at the “Jaws Big Wave”

  • In the video shown below we can see the highlights of the surfing championship “Jaws Big Wave“, held in December 2019 on the island of Maui, archipelago of the Hawaiian Islands.


[su_youtube url=”” title=”Championship jaws big wave 2019″]


  • This video tells the story of the great surfer Kai Lenny’s 2-day adventure as he conquers the “Jaws Big Wave“.


[su_youtube url=”” title=”El surfer Kai Lenny, conquering THE WAVE, JAWS”]


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