The 5 best beaches on Lanzarote – Holidays & Surf

Lanzarote is one of the sectors in the Canary Islands with the most beautiful beaches in Spain, because you can choose between the impressive coves of volcanic sand to extensive landscapes of turquoise waters connected with long stretches of golden sand where you will enjoy long baths, while you get a tan and return totally relaxed to continue with your routine activities.

But if you prefer the physical activity on the beach … we suggest you do not miss the opportunity to visit the beaches of Lanzarote and sign up for Surf Canarias to learn and / or compete on that board you have stored in a corner. But we also offer you incomparable plans that include yoga, diving, hiking, kitesurfing, mountain biking and much more.

Decades of experience training surfers of all nationalities and organizing surf camps on the best beaches of Lanzarote and under the guidance of the most experienced instructors we offer you in Surf Canarias, adapting to your level and capabilities.

Here are some interesting options for you to decide and sign up now…

Famara Beach (Caleta de Famara)

Famara beach is a six kilometer long strip with one of the most impressive maritime landscapes and where the strength of the wind allows the best waves to be formed, where you can practice sports such as surfing and kitesurfing.

And the best thing is that in Surf Canarias we decided to settle in Famara and from there we organize camps, events, even program training visits for surfing and kitesurfing in this beach.

No matter how crowded Famara beach is, there is always room to live together and practice water sports. You can also enjoy a barbecue in its natural stone spaces or if you prefer enjoy the gastronomic offer in the local restaurants that include the best selection of fresh fish.

We recommend that you visit the place accompanied by people with experience in these beaches because the river that separates Lanzarote from the islets can hide a great current of water and surprise you.

Las Conchas Beach (La Graciosa)

A collection of small coves of fine white sand where you can get a full tan… It is a beach for adults because the strong waves of the Atlantic Ocean are usually very strong and dangerous… this is how we can describe what you will find on the small island of La Graciosa.

The waves at Playa Las Conchas are ideal for surfing but if you are not very experienced we recommend you always do it under the supervision of expert instructors as there is no lifeguard station.

Papagayo Beach

playa papagayo en lanzarote

Located in the south of Lanzarote, you will find the Papagayo Beach awarded as one of the best beaches in Spain during the year 2019

Papagayo Beach is so different because of its wild landscape of transparent waters that manage to acquire a very intense emerald color contrasting with its fine golden sand, but there is no great variety of services, so it is advisable that you go prepared, also you must walk about 3 kilometers to reach its beaches.

Playa Blanca (Puerto del Carmen)

A village that still preserves the traces of the old fishing activity, is now one of the most visited beaches in the south of Lanzarote for its pleasant atmosphere and tranquility that offers for the whole family, in addition to all the services you are always looking for to spend your holidays: restaurants, shopping center, bars and the best: the marina with its quality services.

The sun can be reflected with great intensity, we recommend when visiting this beach that you use adequate protection and hydration.

It is as well known as Playa Grande, with a great variety of services from parking, restaurants, toilets, changing rooms, sun beds, parasols and the opportunity to practice “nautical leisure”.

Playa del Carmen (Lanzarote)

playa de famara

Also called Puerto del Carmen is located on the east coast of Lanzarote at a very short distance from the airport, we recommend this option if you are one of those who likes the extreme comfort that air travel offers.

The port has a great history that goes back to the Normandy era and was an area of extensive commercial activity and since the opening of the Hotel Los Fariones more than 30 years ago is one of the main attractions for European tourists by making available basic services and special services for the disabled.

Playa El Carmen is ideal for water sports such as surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, so you will see it as a tourist destination in the sports camps organized for the region of Lanzarote.

How to get to the Best Beaches of Lanzarote?

To reach the best beaches of Lanzarote one of the best options is your car or bus, but from an island or islet you must take a boat from the nearest port.

The access to the beaches will be by car or walking for all that we recommend in this post. For example, in Famara you can park along the beach and in the town that is very close, the same in Playa Las Conchas whose distance to the main town of the island is only 5.2 kilometers, a route that you can do on foot, by bike or simply by taxi.

Although in some beaches you will have to go expressly by car because in the case of Playa Blanca you must travel 29 kilometers by road from Puerto del Carmen and take something like 25 minutes but this is the most recommended route.

Best accommodations to go to beaches in Lanzarote

To enjoy your stay on the beaches of Lanzarote is important to locate a good accommodation in which you have everything you need, you will find apartments, bungalows some with large terrace to enjoy the sea view, also have hotel or rooms. You can see all the prices and accommodation options in Lanzarote.

You have a wide variety of options to choose from, plus 24 hour reception, bar, restaurants and swimming pool.

However, we recommend you to stay in our facilities of Surf Canarias where you can live the extraordinary experience of waking up in one of our apartments or the hotel in front of the beaches of Lanzarote and access to all our activities designed for you to enjoy a surfing environment, as well as learn this wonderful and exciting sport.

In all our Surfhouses, especially in Famara you can choose a shared or individual room just 100 meters from the beach.

The accommodation plan is included in our surf courses but you can also book it yourself. Among our plans is the shared or private room, equipped with a kitchen that includes a barbecue area, washing machine… all the comforts, including the change of sheets and bath towels, plus you will have access to the internet… and the best thing: “all this with a view of the sea”.