Surf decorating – Get your own surfing style

Surf decorating – Get your own surfing style

When the thermometers tell us that the temperatures are starting to rise, we start to remodel and make some changes in our homes.

Summer specifically brings us to think about beaches, sand, sun and also Surf.

Today we bring for you some alternatives to give your decoration a Surf Style, without big expenses, nor a lot of time to make these changes in a practical and simple way.

Follow these suggestions and you will have a Surf Style in your decoration!….

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How to decorate in Surf Style

Use natural textured vinyls

Natural textures and neutral and warm tones in the colours are part of the definition of the Surf Style.

The use of wood is an essential element to obtain a surfer style, as it reminds us of the beach and its sands; in addition, wood allows the creation of a cosy, calm and harmonious atmosphere with other elements that are included in the decoration.

Surfboards for decoration and use

There’s nothing more beachy than a surfboard; you can get creative and build a surfboard-shaped desk; you can also look for surfboard stickers and pictures in specialised shops to decorate the walls.

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Tabla de Surf

Aquatic elements, sharks and fish for decoration

Images of beaches, photographs, murals of aquatic environments, colours related to the blue of the sea and the sky, will help you to create a surfing atmosphere; decorative elements such as fish, turtles, sharks or other marine animals will contribute to create your surfing style.

cuadro surf

Acrylic painting on canvas with a surf theme, original work by Omar Gargiulo | Source:

Putting surfer stickers on the caravan

If you have a caravan and you want to give it a surf style, get decorative vinyls of beach and marine environments, put them on your caravan; they are very resistant, as they are special for cars and they will give a new air to your caravan.

Luminous colours

Surf style decoration involves the use of bright colour palettes, full of light; if you don’t want to give a radical change to your furniture or wall, you can always resort to the use of vinyls in these colours and then you can remove them, recovering the original colour of the surface.

Decorate your suitcases with stickers

The recreation of the surf style can also be applied to travel bags to give them a different decorative touch; with some decorative vinyls you can give your suitcase a summer and surf style before going on holiday.

With these suggestions we have given you, you can give a summer touch to your home, office or any other space you want to give a change, just for the season or perhaps for longer; it’s all a matter of taste and preference.

Polynesian Inspiration

Polynesia, for many, is an unattainable dream because it is so far away from everything, but the place where we want to be at some point because it is full of natural beauty, crystal clear waters, bright sunshine and dreamy beaches.

Polynesia is also where the origins of surfing are located; its environment is purely natural and most of the elements used are handmade, as a way of being linked to the roots of the first settlers.

Using handcrafted elements, in neutral colours, with wood and palm leaves as materials to make furniture, floors, rugs and any other decorative element, you can achieve a decorated environment with Polynesian inspiration.

The colours used are mostly white, brown, black, as well as the green of the plants included in the decoration.

California Inspiration

In California, surfing has defined a full-time lifestyle; full of naturalness and in some cases even a bit flamboyant and a bit messy in the eyes of many people, who can be critical of this way of life.

The California surf-inspired décor is elegant and thoughtful, as signs of its aesthetic composition.

It is a decoration where the colour palette, although very wide, does not reach the use of daring tones and is kept under a universal and harmonious concept.

Neutral and white tones occupy prominent places in all California-inspired decoration.

Australia Inspiration

Life in Australia is full of bright and cheerful colours, and so is surfing on Australian beaches.

In this style of decoration inspired by Australia, the use of bold colours for decorative elements is a charge of energy and a lot of joy; surprising combinations and the inclusion of exotic elements are welcome in this form of decoration.

Australian-inspired décor provides the ideal environment to recharge your batteries.

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