Know the Benefits of Surfing

Surfing is an exciting activity because just seeing how the surfers glide over the waves awakens in you the desire to be there and be one of them… Don’t stay behind and learn it this 2020.

Besides, surfing is one of the water sports that has conquered many followers. On every beach you will find some group that is dedicated to “chasing the waves” and if you look at them carefully you will notice not only their excellent physical condition, but also that they are very relaxed.

Whether you have thought about starting to practice it or have signed up for a surf camp, let us tell you all the benefits that this sport will bring from the physical and mental point of view and for your health in general, so that you will not hesitate to start surfing.

Benefits of Surfingthe Benefits of Surfing

When you approach a surfer and ask him what benefits surfing brings, one of the most common answers is: “you enjoy the sea and you manage to disconnect from everything”.

Surfing is a sport that is practiced outdoors, which provides you with a series of benefits from the point of view of the soul, but it is also a physical exercise that will help you keep in shape.

Mental Benefits

Although not yet expressly recognized as a form of therapy, surfing has been a part of the recovery process from conditions of post-traumatic stress, anxiety and mild depression, because it helps you stay active and motivated if you practice it regularly, says Michael Baigent, professor and board member of Beyond Blue.

Australia’s HuffPost points out that surfing helps you to be “in the moment”, meaning that you think only about what you are doing and stop worrying about other issues, such as what affects you mentally and emotionally.

surf school beginner

In particular, surfing can also help you emotionally and mentally if you’re a male. Firstly because it has been determined that 98% of those who practice this sport are men and it allows them to create bonds to express part of their problems or concerns to their group, secondly because it encourages mutual support between couples, while motivating them to “catch a wave”.

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Physical Benefits

Aerobic work with toning, this is what you get when you row against the waves, it will also improve your cardio-respiratory system.

If you have a few extra pounds, start surfing to burn off those extra calories while working your arm and back muscles, strengthening your legs, buttocks and mid-body.

And the best news: “the effects on your muscles will be evident in a short time”, because getting around the strong waves and holding on to the board, swimming and stroking, requires considerable effort and allows you to gain resistance, muscle tone and improve your coordination-balance.

In general, the heart will be one of the most benefited because with surfing you improve blood flow and blood pressure. The best thing is that you can enjoy it during the spring and summer or simply travel to an island where the climate is always favourable. You can make all these benefits come true in one of the best Surf Camps in Spain in Famara Lanzarote..

surfing and meditation
Surfing and Meditation

Surfing and Health

After analyzing the physical and mental benefits, we will give you a brief explanation about the relationship between surfing and health.

  • Surfing motivates you to stay focused because you have to be aware of everything around you and especially of the waves, currents and the rest of your fellow surfers.
  • Surfing will greatly reduce stress because it gets you to disconnect from your problems and focus only on the waves and what’s around you.
  • Health is very much related to people’s moods. If you are feeling a little stressed or depressed, go surfing because it will be fun, challenging and full of positive energy.
  • Encourage your adventurous spirit by fighting for a “good wave” while trying to find balance and coordination.
  • Surfing includes people with mental or intellectual disabilities because in addition to toning up your body you can concentrate and remember some very important things.

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