Best Surf Countries

As we have seen, surf has long since ceased to be located in a specific geographical area and has spread all over the world.

Today we have some of the countries with ideal places and waves to surf, enjoy the experience, the sun and the adrenaline.


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Top 10 best surfing countries

Surfing in Australia | Where to surf in Australia ?

This remote country has waves for all types of surfers, whether beginners or experts; the situation of being bathed by three oceans, Pacific, Indian and Antarctic, each with its own characteristics, favours the multiplicity of waves.

The Costa Dorada is one of the most famous surfing areas in the world; almost 100 kilometres of coastline and beaches, with a variety of spots for all tastes and abilities.


One of the best and most famous spots on the Gold Coast is Superbank, an artificial wave created from the mobilisation of an immense amount of sand, in the region encompassing the mouth of the Tweed River.

This wave is one of the largest in the world and can reach 500 metres on a good day.


Surfing in Costa Rica | Where to surf in Costa Rica ?

A country with great tourist attraction for its greenery and unspoilt nature in many places; it has beaches on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts and many of them are fantastic for surfing, due to the waves that are formed.

Playa Tamarindo is the most famous surfing beach in the Central American country; it is a very long beach and contains several spots, left and right, suitable for all levels.

Costa Rica Playa Tamarindo

Aerial view of Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica | Photo:

Playa Avellanas has stronger and more powerful waves than Tamarindo, so it is only recommended for expert surfers.


Surfing in Morocco | Where to surf in Morocco ?

Located in North Africa, Morocco may remind us of camels, sand and palm trees, but with more than 3,000 kilometres of coastline lapped by Atlantic waters, it’s an excellent choice for year-round surfing.

The best surfing spots in Morocco are located in the south of the country, between the regions of Essaouira and Agadir.

European surfers like to make surf trips to Morocco at any time of the year.


mapa surf marruecos

Map showing the most famous spots in Morocco| Photo:

Surfing in Spain | Where to surf in Spain ?

Spain offers different geographical areas for surfing; both in the north of the country and towards the south, there are many spots for surfers of different levels.

In the north of the country are the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia.

To the south are located, among others, Cadiz and Tarifa, which have

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Surfing in Maldives | Where to surf in Maldives ?

The Maldives is a small tropical country of 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean with beautiful beaches, unique coral formations and extensive reefs.

Surfing is relatively new to the Maldivian coast, having been introduced by two Australian explorers in the 1970s.

Today, the Deep Blue O’Neill tournament has given the Maldives a prominent place in the surfing world.

The most famous waves are located in Male Atoll, but there are many other places to discover.


Surfing in Portugal | Where to surf in Portugal ?

Portugal occupies one of the most prominent positions in the surfing world thanks to the formation of the most famous wave in the world, Nazaré.

The height of the waves in the Nazaré area is generated by the Nazaré Canyon, which is responsible for a very abrupt change in the depth of the seabed.

This condition favours the increase in the size of the waves that travel to the coast.

Nazaré has produced the biggest wave ever surfed in the world and has therefore been awarded the Guinness World Record.


Surfing in Sri Lanka | Where to surf in Sri Lanka ?

Sri Lanka is located south of India and is an island in the Indian Ocean; in addition to its tourist potential, it offers beaches in several areas for surfing all year round.

In Sri Lanka, surfing is located in two geographical locations, conditioned by the presence of monsoon winds.

In the East Zone, there is the famous Aragum Bay wave, which is active between May and October.

The South West Zone is active between November and April.

When winter arrives, many European surfers come to this part of Sri Lanka to enjoy the surf.


Surfing in Indonesia | Where to surf in Indonesia ?

With its warm waters, Indonesia, located in Asia, offers the possibility of surfing without special wetsuits.

Although it’s a bit expensive to travel there, you have to organise a surf trip to Indonesia’s best surfing destination, Bali, sometime.

There, you’ll find the Uluwatu wave; a phenomenon with several peaks, frequent sets and a steep slope.

Even if there are many surfers in the area, you can always have a good time with this magnificent wave.


Surfing in Hawaii (USA) | Where to surf in Hawaii?

Hawaii is where it all began, to have what we know today as surfing, so going to the Hawaiian Islands to surf is a natural thing to do.

Pipeline, formed off the coast of the island of Oahu, is considered by American surfers to be the Super Bowl of surfing and is a wave only for the most experienced in the sport, the surf masters.

Pipeline is credited with the demise of some of the world’s best surfers and surfers consider the spot to be mythical.


Las Olas más Famosas del Mundo Qué es el Pipeline 2

Aerial photograph of Ehukai Beach, Oahu, Hawaii.

Surfing in the Philippines | Where to surf in the Philippines ?

This Asian country, comprising more than 1000 islands and located in the Pacific Ocean, is one of the best and favourite surfing spots in the world.

Places like Luzon Island or Siargao receive every year thousands of surfers eager to ride the best waves, enjoy extraordinary beaches and enjoy the delicious tropical climate of these places.