What is a Surf House?

The experience of surfing can become a time to share with others who also feel passionate about this sport, this can be achieved when you visit and stay in a Surf House.

The Surf House is a hostel format accommodation that specializes in hosting surfers, instructors and often groups of Surf Schools.

If you are motivated and want to start surfing a Surf House is the best place to stay, although you can also stay in these places if you plan to attend a festival to admire the maneuvers and prowess of the surfers, but the most common is to stay overnight to attend surf lessons.

History of the Surf Houses

The idea of the Surf Houses comes up like many innovative projects: when there is a need or a common practice is spread, that is the story we can tell you about the Surf Houses.

surf school beginner

It all started with the groups of surfers who shared their passion for the waves and nature. They spent more and more time together and also gathered in certain places on the ideal surfing beaches.

Some owners of hostels and inns provided information and guidance to foreign tourists who were not fluent in the local language, and also referred them to routes to places where they would find the best “waves”.

Then they started offering food and the possibility of receiving lessons with qualified instructors, surfing materials and various services to make travelers share in a social environment and meet other surfers.

Also the Surf House became a great option for tight budgets, since they could offer from shared rooms and cabins with capacity for a certain number of people, thus reducing accommodation costs.

Today you can find Surf House type inns, apartments a few meters from the sea and in picturesque villages with a surfer and kitesurfer atmosphere, with a good selection of bars and restaurants, as well as different activities: hiking, fishing, mountain biking, among others.

Prices of a Surf House

Surfhouses are classified according to the size and number of people they can accommodate, so if you decide to stay in one of them you will only have to decide if you want to do it in a private or shared room.

Some are located in front of the beach, others require you to travel some kilometers before reaching the sea.

The cost of the accommodation is related to some elements: location, type of room (family, couple, single), kitchen, individual or shared bathroom, internet service, among others.

The most popular or cheapest services are in the order of 20 euros/day for shared rooms and up to 45 euros/day for private rooms. You can also save by staying in a private room for two people for approximately 60 euros/day and also opt for promotional offers of 4 nights for couples.

Remember that also people registered in Surfcamps or Surf Schools have priority to occupy the places, so the amount can vary considerably when it is part of that type of promotions, so think well and if you want to save a few euros start looking now.

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What does the Surf House include?

One of the best options that a Surf House could offer you is the access to the sea, either a few steps away, a few minutes by bike or by car.

Most of them provide you with information about the sea conditions and the spots if you don’t know the area very well.

Also the opportunity for social gatherings to meet interesting people who will share with you their passion for surfing.

The room rental and all the basic services: bed, kitchen, bathroom, internet, parking, surf equipment rental, even the board so you don’t have to travel with it.

Some Surf Houses have some kind of special contract with experienced instructors and can contact you in advance to plan your training sessions.

If you choose to take lessons they may include a transfer service to take you and then pick you up after your training.

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Where can I get a Surf House?

Finding a Surf House can be a very easy job but we recommend you to consider your options very carefully.

For example, groups of experienced surfers have toured the beaches at different surfing events and may know very well where to find the right accommodation. Seek an opinion from an experienced surfing friend and you won’t be disappointed.

Also on the web you will find the Surf Houses with important classifications and look at the customer comments, there you can also find key references to select the best Surf Houses.

The best Surf Houses in Famara

In Playa de Famara you have surfing lessons all year round, you can choose to take intensive courses or simply take some lessons to enjoy the basics of surfing.

That’s why you will find the best Surf Houses available in these beaches.

For example, one of the most recommended places is the Surf House that belongs to Surf Canarias (one of the best surf schools in Spain), where you can find the most interesting promotional packages that include accommodation, the best instructors and everything you need to surf and enjoy your stay in front of the sea.

Also in our surf hostel you will can to make differents levels surf courses, please check in this link surf school lanzarote Famara

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