What does Surf and Turf?

Have you ever heard the expression Surf and Turf? If your answer is no, read on, because now we’ll see what it’s all about… and we must tell you that it has nothing to do with sports, but with food.

The desire for good food has led to the creation of combinations of foods from different places, forms of creation and development over time.

It is possible to find establishments specialized in different varieties of food; such as those dedicated entirely to vegetarian food, others specialized in meat and of course there are restaurants that strive to serve the best fish and seafood.

In the desire to offer customers a greater variety in the gastronomic offer, restaurants have emerged that combine in their menus products from the land with products from the sea.

This combination of meat and fish, previously unlikely, today has been occupying greater positions within the preferences of diners.

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What is this about Surf and Turf?

Image of a combined dish Surf and Turf πŸ₯©πŸ€ , made with beef, prawns, potatoes and green asparagus.

We must tell you that this expression has been used since 1960, when it was first used in The Angeles Time newspaper.

Some time later, the term appears again in the advertisements of some restaurants such as The Continental Restaurant, located in Lowell, Massachusetts, published in The Lowell Sun newspaper.

The word surf refers to the sea, while Turf is related to grass, since the word means lawn in English; therefore, by joining both words the expression “Surf and Turf” is formed; it is a dish of American origin where sea products are combined with red meat or beef.

In Spanish we use the expression “Mar y Tierra“, to refer to these combinations of marine products such as fish and seafood with red meat.

The Surf and Turf, is served in steakhouses or roast restaurants in the United States , as well as in other places like cities in Canada , United Kingdom , Australia ; it is also possible to taste dishes with this combination of meats in some British/Irish style places in these countries and some others.

Very often this dish was considered a clear representative example of the continental cuisine of the middle class during the sixties and seventies.

What elements make up a Surf and Turf dish?

Image of a Surf and Turf burger πŸ”πŸ€, made with beef, prawns, cheese, lettuce and homemade sauce.

When you want to taste Surf and Turf, you will have before you a dish composed of lobster meat, possibly the portion that forms the tail, accompanied by beef cuts, commonly served as a filet mignon.

In Harry`s, for example, it is common to serve a cut of meat called Tomahawk accompanied by delicious shrimp and some vegetables such as onions, peppers and roasted tomatoes.

Besides lobster, the marine component of the dish can be prawns, squid, shrimp or scallops; any of them breaded, steamed, grilled or fried.

The cuts of meat can also vary, although the common thing is to serve filet mignon, as we have mentioned before.

A variation of the typical dish Surf and Turf, is the Surf`n`Turf hamburger, elaborated with minced meat and varied marine products like crab, shrimp or lobster.

In recent times, the name Surf and Turf has been brought to the fore again by famous chefs such as Thomas Keller, among others.

Examples of Surf and Turf. Dishes

We can mention two dishes that are representative of this style of food Sea and Land, Surf and Turf.

  • Surf and Turf Gambo: is a seafood dish that contains marine elements such as shrimp, crab meat, sausages and Tabasco sauce.
  • Mini Surf and Turf burgers: are burgers prepared with bread, chopped beef and cake made with seafood.

You can also include a specialty of Spanish cuisine, prepared with rice which is called Sea and Mountain Rice.

The recipe for this tasty dish varies according to the cook who prepares it, but will always include products from the sea, as well as various types of meat from the mountains.

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