What are the differences between Surftrip and Surfari?

The sports that are carried out in the water and more specifically in the sea have been gaining more and more followers and fans; being one of the most outstanding ones the surf.

In addition to the practice of searching for and riding waves, surfing includes other activities such as trips in search of specific places to practice the discipline.

Surfing has been spreading and covering more and more spaces and its influence is so great that it has generated its own jargon to express itself among surfers and surfers.

What is a Surfari?

A Surfari is a trip that surfers take through different beaches in search of the best places to surf.

This is also the name given to the surfers who embark on these trips.

The surfers who make these trips can go through many places until they find the one that meets the desired conditions.

The word comes from the combination of the words Surf and Safari.

They are very fun trips, full of emotion, that allow you to know many places, unforgettable adventures and the best waves.

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What is a Surftrip?

A Surftrip is the journey that is made with surfing as the main and central motive.

This type of trip is made to specific places with the aim of surfing.

What are its differences and similarities?

Their main similarity is that in both cases they are trips to practice a sport, live the adventure and fully enjoy moments loaded with emotion and fun.

Among their differences we can mention that in the case of the surfari, the destinations are not established previously, these are generated as the trip passes and the best places to ride waves are located.

In the case of the surftrip, the destination is selected previously and once you arrive at it you can surf to look for ideal places to surf.

Tips for Good Surfing

Today, thanks to the internet it is very easy to plan a good surfari with a guarantee of success; before, you simply booked a trip and bet that upon arrival you could actually find good places with ideal waves to surf.

Today, thanks to specialized websites, it is possible to know where the best waves are located and plan trips with clear and defined objectives.

It is also important to have an adequate budget, which can be done by knowing beforehand which will be the chosen site and its conditions and feasibility.

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In order for a surfari to be totally successful you must have important aspects such as:

  • The group you are traveling with: It is important to make a good selection of your fellow travelers; a good swell for you and some other people, may not be as enjoyable and satisfactory for others and the surftrip ends up being a failure.


  • Adequate budget: This is something logical and natural; depending on the budget available, you will be able to plan the surftrip to be done.

It is necessary to have clear the expenses of the trip, accommodation, food and also something to spend a little fun because not everything is about riding waves.

  • Necessary documents: This aspect is of utmost importance, because a failure in the required documentation can completely ruin a surf trip.

Each country and each region has its own legal regulations and requirements, so you must be aware, according to the selected site, of the documentation required for visitors who are going to do sport.

  • Unexpected: Although an excellent planning is made before carrying out a trip, we are not exempt that some unforeseen mishap happens, therefore it is necessary to undertake a surfari with the best spirit to adventurer and with the certainty that anything can happen and we must be arranged to take out the best profit to him to all that happens.


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