Top 5 Surfing Apps for your Mobile Phone

The development and advancement of technology, along with the emergence of social networks and various applications for electronic devices that are released every day, encompasses all aspects of life.

In sports, instant communication technology and the internet have had a great influence on its development and advancement.

Surfing has also been “touched” by the evolution of technology and the internet in a positive and beneficial way for the diffusion and development of the sport.

Today, it is possible to have complete and detailed information about the waves you are thinking of conquering, while you are sitting in the comfort of your armchair having a cup of coffee.

In the past, surfers would go out to any spot where they presumed there were waves to surf, without having any idea of what they would find when they arrived at the selected spot.

Now it is very easy to find out about waves and surf spots, because by using a webcam, it is possible to know the conditions of any place on the planet and whether it is suitable for surfing.

Surfers have applications for their mobiles, which allow them to know in real time where the best place to surf is. Today we show you some of these apps.

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Best Apps for Surfers

Glassy Pro

An App available to you for free; it allows you to set an alarm that notifies you when the weather conditions are the best for surfing.

This app is very comprehensively designed, which makes it an excellent and intuitive helper.

Glassy Pro has also made a waterproof smartwatch, with which you can keep track of the number of waves ridden, surfing speed, paddling speed and UV radiation sensor.

You can visit the Glassy Pro website to find out more about the app or check out the video on YouTube; it’s an app for Android and iOS.


Since 1985, this Red Bull app has been helping surfers find the best waves; today they have a great team of weather experts studying and predicting waves all over the world.

Surfline is the official forecaster of the WSL (World Surf League) and offers daily updates of the waves, thanks to its reporters around the world.

It has more than 300 cameras with the most modern definition and high technology, which capture and transmit images of waves and beaches 24 hours a day.

This mobile app allows surf photographers to be matched with surfers.

If you have been surfing recently and saw a photographer taking pictures, you can visit the web portal, it is very likely that your photos and those of your friends you surfed with will be available for sale there.

So far they only have one website, but they hope to have more available soon to satisfy surfing and surfing fans.


MSW has one of the best surfing referents,

This app allows you to get forecast maps, surf conditions at each spot and you can even set up your own favourites for quicker and more direct access, without having to go through a whole list.

Visit their website to find out more about this extraordinary app, which is available for iOS and Android.

Surf Search Spot

If you want to know a lot of details before you go surfing, this app is the ideal one for you.

Location of the best waves, tides, everything about the winds, maps and everything you need to know to surf, you will have it available, thanks to this application for your mobile, with a duration of three days in the forecasts and forecasts.

This application has a community, where you can share and comment on your tricks, manoeuvres and photos or search for images that you want to observe and have.

As for the spots, you can upload your own or synchronise them with spots uploaded by other users.

Surf search spot creators continue to work to offer better and better conditions to users and among the plans is to offer webcam and notification system.

For now, the application is available for web, Android and iOS.