The Best Surfing Games for your Computer or Mobile

Surfing has become fully widespread; there is a way to express yourself among surfers and surfing fans.

We can watch movies, where surfing is a main element in the plot; if we look for books, of course we will find literature written about surfing.

There is a style for dressing and combing, as well as customs typical of the specialty, including a form of greeting.

Through time, also surfing has come to video games, in this era of technology, computers and cell phones.

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Surfing Games for PC and Mobile

Surf World Series

Through this game, you will be able to know five different styles of the practice of the surf, allowing in addition, to travel by diverse places of the world; Hawaii, Portugal, Australia and the very famous Bell`s Beach.

The game presents 44 player challenges and online games for up to 16 players. It is a game of many details, because that is how its creators wanted it.


This is presented as an infinite race game, for mobiles; it is about surfing different types of waves while trying to move as far as possible.

The control is adapted to the touch screen; the application will allow the player to unlock characters and aspects of the game as it is in progress.

You Riding The Journey

Some consider it the best online game today. It allows you to surf in the best scenarios or spots around the world.

It also offers the opportunity to challenge Facebook friends in a man-to-man competition. It is the ideal video game for cell phones and to spend fun times while practicing it.

Surfing Games for Android

Surf Master

It is a game to demonstrate the skills in the practice of surfing; you will have to perform movements and tricks, some quite complicated. There are competitions around the world.

There are many tricks to choose from, as well as various tables to select from. The download for Android is completely free.

BCM Surfing Game

This game is, so far, the one that offers more realism; ideal to execute the best tricks that the player can think of.

It offers a set of real locations to choose from to suit the player, which greatly favors the game.

It is possible to learn tricks and movements as you practice, until you become the best surfer. It has fairly simple controls, so there should be no problems for handling. The download costs 3.53 euros.

Ancient Surfer

This game is starred by some characters from other times; in addition, the places where the game takes place belong to ancient times.

It is about competing with other players to become the best in the world; therefore you have to ride the waves better than any other rival. Simple controls and free download, make it a favorite.

Surf Bum

It is a light, entertaining and fun game; it is about accumulating points while you are on a surfboard. There are coins and prizes that give speed and power.

There are several obstacles, as well as some sharks; it is necessary to avoid all this by maneuvering properly on the board. Its download is totally free.

Surfing games for IPhone and IPad

Billabong Surf Trip

In this adventure for iOS, the player will have different types of waves to ride, while trying to solve the challenges presented along 11 real locations, including the World Championship Surfing Tour, Huntington Beach, Jeffreys Bay and   Teahupoo.

This game includes a system for the simulation of the waves, so the player will never find two equal waves.

Party Wave

It has been created by Hirono Sakaguchi; it consists of pressing the touch screen to perform several pirouettes, while the surfers move around avoiding obstacles and looking for sirens that give them special rewards.

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Best surf games