The 10 Rules of Surfing you should know

Surf is a sport that has been around for many years, with its own characteristics; it has become a lifestyle that speaks of freedom and the desire to enjoy life in full contact with nature.

It has its own terminology and it is possible to find a dictionary to explain terms and words related to surfing.

Nowadays, surfing attracts thousands of fans of the specialty, either because they practice it and are surfers, or because they are fans of the sport and are the surfers, who are aware of the competitions, which are carried out in the places where the best waves in the world are formed.

In addition to riding waves, surfing offers the opportunity to do some tourism, while going through different spots to get the best waves, which allow the surfer and the amateur, to fully enjoy the adventure that means surfing waves.

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What are the rules of surfing?

Reglas del surf imagen 1

Picture of a surfer in Morro Bay, USA | Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

1. Priority for the waves

The surfer who has more time waiting for a wave has the first option to catch that wave that arrives.

2. Waiting for the wave

If the surfer does not manage to ride the wave he arrives at, he cannot try to catch the next one, he must wait for his next turn.

3. Do not take another surfer’s wave

Before taking a wave, the surfer should look and make sure that no other sportsman or woman is there, it can be dangerous to have two people in the same wave.

4. Do not “snaking”

“Snaking” is the action of paddling into the wave, passing in front of another surfer who is waiting, to catch that very wave. Apply rule number 1.

5. Leave waves for others

Even if the surfer is the most experienced of those waiting for waves, he or she should not want them all; they should allow other sportsmen and women to have opportunities with the waves as well.

6. Surfers have the same rights

Surf is a sport free of differences; it does not judge anyone by their sex, race, physical appearance, way of dressing, rowing or skin colour. All surfers deserve and must obtain the same respect and friendly treatment from both surfing fans and other people.

7. Talk

Good communication is the basis for avoiding any kind of accident or mishap. If you see someone infringing your rights when you ride a wave, don’t fall into an argument. Remember that people understand each other by talking.

8. Help for beginners

When an experienced surfer meets athletes who are just starting out in the world of surfing, he or she should offer them advice and suggestions, make them aware of the basic rules and be willing to answer any questions they may have.

9. Taking care of the environment

We must all take care of the environment; surfers must also be attentive to the preservation of the sea, clean and pollution free beaches; they are their practice place, where they can spend many hours.

10. Be friendly

Surfing is a sport to be shared on good terms and one of the most important things is to have a good time while practicing sport and having a good time in nature, with the sea, the waves, the breeze and the sand.

So it is important to be friendly and attentive to everyone; being friendly to newcomers and new surfers is a good way to increase friendships.

The basic and fundamental rules of surfing

Every surfer, and in general every fan of this wonderful sport full of emotion and adrenaline, must take into account some basic rules, respect them, comply with them and make them be enforced.

  • Respect precedence. It is important and necessary to wait for the corresponding turn.
  • Do not jump or assault waves that belong to another surfer.
  • Be aware of your own limitations, especially in terms of physical condition, as surfing is a very demanding and demanding sport.
  • It is necessary to decide at the moment of taking a wave, not to back down, after advancing.
  • It is necessary to keep away from any surfer who is taking a wave.
  • You must be prudent and careful with yourself and the people around you.
  • Taking care of the environment is necessary and you must be very responsible with it; therefore you must not leave rubbish on the beaches, nor cause any damage.

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