Surfing Equipment – Everything You Need Here!

Are you attracted by the idea of sliding on the waves, but you are worried about the cost of the surfing equipment, do not limit yourself for this, because surfing is a relatively cheap sport and once you acquire all the equipment you will only need to get to the sea and enjoy it.

Like other sports, surfing requires some basic elements that make this activity much more complete and enjoyable, so set aside a place in your luggage to carry a number of accessories and equipment needed to practice this sport … then we indicate everything you need here.

Necessary equipment for surfing

The ocean can be a little far from where you live and also exposes you to somewhat difficult conditions, so it is important that you have the necessary equipment to practice surf: board, wetsuit, fins, among others.

The Surf Board

Surf Board

To practice surfing the fundamental instrument you need is the board. There are different types, each one intended for a different type of surfer (foam boards, shortboards, longboards, evolutionary, malibu), so you must choose it very carefully to suit your physical level, surfing experience, type of wave you are going to surf and the surfing style you will practice.

Choosing the right surfboard can be a somewhat complicated task, since the condition of the sea can be somewhat changeable. For this reason, we recommend that you always travel with 2 or even 3 boards so that you do not miss a single day.

Large boards will be ideal if you are just starting to surf because it is easier to stand on them. However, if you are an experienced surfer, you will surely have a selection of small, narrow and thin boards that will enable you to perform more maneuvers. You can also see all the types of surfboards that exist and can be used.

The Paraffin


Keeping your balance on the board will be one of the main skills you must develop to master the art of surfing. However, the material of the surfboards is very hard and slippery, so you must put a type of wax known as paraffin.

Paraffin wax creates a resistant film distributed along the areas that have contact with your feet at some point during the surfing process. This is why, depending on the type of board, you must apply it along some areas and also change it from time to time because it is not convenient to pour paraffin wax on the remains of other boards used in different surfing sessions.

The grip

The grip surf

The grip is a paraffin substitute that you can also use to achieve better grip on the board while surfing. It is a material similar to rubber that sticks to the top and helps you not to slip when you stand on the board.

You must place the grip on the back of the clean board and let it rest for 24 hours so that it manages to stick to it, in turn put the paraffin on the front, this combination is the most recommended, although you may see other surfers place the grip on their entire board, both options are very good, but you can try the combinations that best suit your expectations and needs.

The wetsuit and other surfer clothing

the wetsuit surfing

Although the sun’s heat is quite intense you will not always find the water temperature in similar conditions because the ocean currents can bring a cold front towards the coast and expose you to the risk of hypothermia.

However, you can count on the neoprene suit. A special clothing to keep the sportsman warm inside the water. Likewise, the neoprene suit protects you from direct contact with the board to avoid rubbing and thus protect your skin.

You can choose the winter or summer version. The first one is a long suit, while for the summer the fabric will be lighter and you can choose between the short or long suit, it all depends on where you surf.

The care of this suit will not affect your budget. After each swim clean it with a neutral soap and rinse it with fresh water to avoid damage to its seams.

However, if you are just starting to surf and do not want to invest in something like a neoprene suit, you can opt for swimsuits and bikinis that you can use in combination with a neoprene lycra, a T-shirt, yoga pants, among others.

The invention or leash

invention or leash surf

Another equipment that you should take with you when you surf is the leash, better known as “invention”, which consists of a rope that joins the board to your body.

This rope must be tied around the back foot, that is, the one you put on the back of the board when you stand up. Its purpose is to make sure you always have the board under control, avoiding you to lose it and/or hit other surfers.

The material can be made of elastic plastic so that it does not break if you fall, but it is important to check it often to make sure it is in good condition. The length of the leash is usually the same as the board, although if you are going to surf big waves you might use a longer leash, while in smaller waves experienced surfers tend to use the shorter leash.

We recommend placing the invention under the neoprene suit, facing outwards from the board because this way you can increase the resistance and also carry several so that you can continue surfing in case of a break.

The keels

keels surfing

Surfboards have small pieces that work as “rudders” that are placed underneath, these are called fins and allow you to make turns, also help you maintain the stability of the board. There are different fins according to their shape, profile, height, size and flexion.

Surfboards can have from 1 to 5 fins, all depending on what you are looking for or the modality you prefer to practice. It will also depend on the type of waves you are used to surfing. For example, for giant waves we suggest using 4 and 5 fins.

Accessories you can use in the surf

Socks, hat and gloves

Socks surf

In addition to the wetsuit to protect your skin and body you have a variety of socks, gloves and hat. These implements will be very useful when the winter arrives and you are exposed to the intense cold of the coastal areas.

Some surfers avoid wearing their booties because they say it bothers them too much but others say they surf better with this accessory and maybe the reason is that when you surf in rock bottom waves, the bootie can prevent you from getting stuck by a hedgehog or scratching in reef areas.

Paraffin comb

Sun Protection

The paraffin spreads evenly over the top of the board when you use the so-called “comb”. You also need it to remove the old paraffin by scratching the surface and removing the wax that no longer serves you.

Sun Protection

Although surfing is a sport where you are most of the time submerged in the water you must use some kind of sunscreen and especially those that can be kept after you dive into the sea.

On the beaches of Spain it is essential that you use sunscreen in summer because temperatures can exceed 40 degrees and the reflection of the sun’s rays on the water can produce significant burns on the skin of your face. Your body also needs protection in spite of wearing a wetsuit, always try to use a rather dry sunscreen so that it does not mix with the water.

Board cover

surf school beginner

It is advisable to keep your surfboard in a bag after each session. These covers are easy to acquire since you can find them in any sports establishment. There are several types of covers from the most basic commonly known as towel covers.

When you don’t need to move around much you can choose to buy this type of cover, while the professional travel covers are padded and shock resistant, they look like a kind of suitcase, but you can also store several boards if you take off the fins, you can even put all your equipment to save on your luggage bill.

Roof rack and/or straps

When you have to move around to reach the beach by car we recommend you use a roof rack and/or webbing. With the roof rack you get a better stability of the board than only with the bedpans and it allows you to place several boards without them moving.

The girths are ropes that serve to tie the board to the top of the car when you do not have enough space to carry it inside, thus preventing it from slipping off the surface of the car.

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