Learning to Surf at 40 Does age matter for surfing?

The time comes to blow out the candles and you realize you’re turning 40, so you start thinking about your favorite couch in front of the TV as the best option because you’re not so young anymore.

At this point I suggest you put away those ideas because it is now when you will need to be active on a physical and mental level, to achieve this you can learn to surf at 40 because age does not matter to start this great sport.

Next I will indicate you a series of arguments that will help you to decide to learn how to surf no matter your age, maybe you already surpassed the forty and these on the 50 years, but it is that really, the age is not a limitation to begin to surf because you will stay active and you will enjoy a series of benefits while you enjoy the waves.

Tips for learning to surf at 40

One of the first tips we can give you is to “work on your weight without obsessing”.

We know that if you are overweight this will make it a little more difficult for you to learn how to surf regardless of your age… in this case “weight is in the kilos… not in the years”, just use a little common sense and start with healthy and varied eating patterns, don’t think about incurring in miracle diets.

Physical preparation is also important because to master surfing you must work on your stamina, speed, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance… try to get some exercise, walk a little from work to the nearest places to go shopping, take a walk in the park with the kids or do some cycling.

If you are somewhat sedentary, you should start slowly until your body manages to adapt, perhaps visit the community pool for a swim and begin to tone your arms and legs.

If you have already started the process or have some previous practice in a sport and want to get into surfing now, an additional tip will be to start studying something about the technical words, movements, types of boards and their benefits.

Also, don’t buy all the equipment before trying out if you really like surfing… many who did it that way still have their boards stored in the garage or attic.

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Forties Depression and Surfing

Learning to surf at 40 can avoid the famous jokes about reaching that age… because who can associate you with something like old age when you will look more and more active, relaxed and tanned…

If you start to feel a little depressed, start this challenge: learn to surf at 40 and you will start to leave behind that idea… but if you have been diagnosed or have any symptoms of depression you can add the practice of Paddle Surf and SUP Yoga, you will notice very soon significant improvements in your mood.

Moreover, if you practiced surfing in your youthful days you can take it up again and achieve great advances in a short time, you will recover your confidence, you will share your experiences with your beach mates and you can even join the groups that are dedicated to this sport to get out of that “self-pity” that characterizes the beginnings of depressive states.

Benefits of learning to surf at 40

Learning to surf at 40 years old generates excellent benefits, as it is a very complete exercise. For example, it helps you keep your arms and legs in shape, because the effort to keep your balance on the board strengthens your lower body, while the paddling will provide you with fully toned shoulders and arms.

You can also practice your sense of balance even if you already have it, but the most important thing is that you will enjoy sliding on the waves, even more so if you put in as much enthusiasm as young people and children. Try to look at it as a game… you will feel rejuvenated.

surf at 40 years old
Learning to Surf at 40

Where can you learn to surf at 40?

A good guide is important for you to learn to surf at any age, but especially from 40 onwards because experienced and certified instructors understand how much your body can take the effort of each learning session.

Furthermore, certified surf schools have all the equipment you need to achieve this. For example, in Surf Canarias we use learning boards that have the right measures for our student surfers.

And in the last few summers we have registered people over 40 so we have prepared a whole special package that includes strategies to get them to stand up on the board and master the waves. Just by dedicating a few days of the summer to our adult surf camp you will notice a change in all aspects of your life: mental, physical, social…

Surfing under our guide in Surf Canarias will change the way you look at the arrival of the 40

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How long does it take to learn to surf at 40?

Let’s talk about the truth… it is very probable that you cannot devote yourself to surfing in a professional way if you just start practicing it when you turn 40… but if you can enjoy surfing and sliding on the waves… this will take some time but with the right guide you can achieve it very soon, everything will depend on your physical condition and weight.

Your body must “learn” to keep its balance on the board according to your body weight, but also a big part of the support is in your legs, so you need to tone them up.

But don’t be discouraged… I’ve seen “fatties” surf like any experienced surfer, so excess weight will not be a determining factor, just how long you manage to tone or strengthen your legs, as well as finding your balance point will be the key.

Also the constancy in terms of practice… if you only dedicate one or two hours a week, your progress will be slow, but if you sign up for a Surf Camp it will be different because all the time will be designed to help you surf.

Learning to Surf at 40
Learning to Surf at 40

Surfing tips for adult beginners

It is not good to create false expectations in relation to surfing tricks for adult beginners that will help you learn faster. Just get in the water, enjoy the experience… that feeling on your skin, then try to catch waves by letting yourself go but paying attention to the instructor.

Some advice that can help you is to practice take off frequently in the sand… but try to always try it in spite of falling… the real trick of surfing is always to get back on the board no matter how many times you have to do it, try to see it as a game… and that you will simply win when you manage to surf a wave.