How to Plan the Perfect Surf Trip – Shall we travel to the Canary Islands?

Surfers and surfers have an ideal set for the holiday season of their dreams; it is to plan and execute a surf trip to go in search of the best places to ride the waves and fully enjoy the exciting adventure.

No matter what your surfing experience level is, a surf trip is organized with the objective of discovering, getting to know and visiting new places, making new friends, achieving new places to ride the most spectacular waves, making the surfing experience unforgettable, full of emotion and adrenaline.

Are you ready for your next surf trip? Let’s make the trip together and get into the hand of Surfcanarias in the best surf school of all the canary islands.

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To plan any trip, one of the essential details is the budget, both for the trip as such, accommodation, food and some extra fun.

Depending on the amount of money you have available, you will be able to establish the characteristics of your surf trip.

However, we can tell you that you don’t need to have a big budget to make a satisfactory surf trip; as long as you get the way to the place, where to stay and how to eat everything will be solved.


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This is the second point to consider, where you want to travel; to select the best place to go, you can go to one of the websites specialized in this type of information; there you will find the best options in terms of waves, according to your level of experience.

Depending on the season selected to travel, some places are more recommendable; ideally, once you have selected some options, you should do some research about each one to finally make the best choice according to your conditions.

From our surf school we can offer you the best destination to develop the practice of surfing, where you will be able to experience the best sensations that the beach of Lanzarote offers us.

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Once you have covered the first two steps, it’s time to choose which means of transport you will use to get to the selected location.

Taking a flight by plane is usually the best option, especially if it is a distant destination, and it is also the fastest way to get there.

Flights with stopovers are usually a little cheaper than direct flights, you can consider this modality; besides saving a little money, it will be an opportunity to know an additional place.

It is also important to locate the way to move to the selected beaches, from the place of accommodation.

If you travel to Lanzarote we recommend that you rent your car with the company that guarantees the lowest prices, as well as being the most honest of all the islands.

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Now it is time to look for accommodation; this will depend on the type of traveller you are and what you want to obtain in an accommodation.

You can choose from a hotel, an inn or even tents on the beach.

It is important to consider the minimum comforts you want, because the trip could become a bad experience by selecting an accommodation lacking in services that you consider important and necessary.

That’s why from Surfcanarias we want you to enjoy the best surfing atmosphere in the Surf House. A place with shared or private rooms, with all the comforts. Common areas, kitchen and barbecue area… with sea views!

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A good insurance should not be missing, it is better to prevent than to regret; surfing is a sport that implies some risks and an accident in a foreign country although it seems very simple can be very expensive at the moment of attending it.

You are not going to leave on a trip thinking that some inconvenience will occur, however, it is important to have an insurance in a preventive way to avoid bad moments if some accident happens.


The main instrument to obtain the enjoyment of the trip cannot be left aside; therefore it is important to be clear about the costs of transporting the surfboard.

Depending on the value of the transfer, you might consider renting surfboards on site. At our school you can rent your surfing equipment, we have all kinds of boards. You can also rent a board to do Stand Up Paddle and bikes to go around and see the corners of Lanzarote.

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If you decide to take the boards with you, it is important to select the most adequate one based on the type of waves and their characteristics.

Don’t forget that the board must travel well protected to avoid any damage or deterioration during the trip.


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Making a list of activities to be done at the chosen site is a good idea, this way you can plan ahead for your schedule of activities and maybe even have room for some extra adventure or activity. A previous plan gives us the possibility to take full advantage of the time, without waste or failure.

Finally, we can tell you that if you are a surfer who wants to venture into surfing and does not know where to do these activities, it is only worth mentioning that the lanzarote surf lessons given in our school are the perfect start where you can practice and develop the best techniques until you achieve your own goal.