Beach of Famara (Lanzarote) – What to know before going this 2020

Among the most impressive places on Lanzarote are the six kilometres that make up the maritime paradise of Playa de Famara with its clean, toasted sand, as well as some sparse vegetation that hopefully allows you to rest a while in the sun.

From the access road you will be able to feel the characteristic trade winds that will allow you to enjoy the best series of waves, as well as the vision of the surfers and kitesurfers.

In spite of being a very crowded beach you should not worry about finding space because there is always room for swimmers, children, water sports practitioners and even football matches.

Also, you can enjoy the excellent food on the terraces of the Caleta de Famara in a simple and quiet atmosphere.

Learn more about Famara Beach in the next post and I assure you that it will be one of the first destinations you will select to enjoy on your next vacation.

Location of Famara Beach

Famara Beach is located in the northwest of Lanzarote, specifically in the municipality of Teguise. It begins in the village called “La Caleta de Famara” and then extends several kilometres to the foot of the Risco de Famara.

Also, depending on the tide you can find two different landscapes that characterize the Famara Beach, because when it is low tide (low or empty) large pools of shallow calm water are formed, while when the tide is high the sea and its imposing waves cover everything.

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How to get to Famara Beach

surf school private lessons

To get to Famara Beach one of the best options is by car or by bus and although in the summer season is very busy you will always find a place to stay.

If you decide to make the trip by car you can go through the LZ-420 road and after a while you will find a sign that tells you where you are going, easily accessing the beach.

The bus station is located in Arrecife and the trip from there to Caleta de Famara usually takes between 1 hour and 15 minutes if the bus travels at an average speed. This service is available at various times, while on weekends and holidays the timetable is shorter

Activities to do in Famara Beach

Playa de Famara is the ideal place to share with the family, always taking into account the strong sea currents that are usually present.

But also in Famara Beach there are the conditions for you to practice different activities in the sea like surfing, bodyboarding, kitesurfing and windsurfing, besides it will not be something strange that you see hang gliding and paragliding.

You can organize your participation in these and other activities by visiting Famara Beach and signing up for Surf Canarias to learn and/or compete, while our plans also include yoga, diving, hiking, kitesurfing, mountain biking and much more.

Surf School in Playa de Famara

Has anyone ever told you about surfing lessons in Famara Beach?

Maybe while you were looking for a destination for your holidays and you came across some information on the internet?

In Playa de Famara you can take surfing lessons all year round, you can opt for intensive courses or simply take some lessons to enjoy the basics of surfing and I recommend you to sign up for Surf Canarias.

Surf Canarias is one of the best surf schools with the longest history, where you can find the most interesting promotional packages that can include accommodation but most importantly they have the best instructors.

You can learn to surf in up to 1 day or do it little by little in 10 sessions with the support of a private instructor

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Photos of Famara Beach

Cala en la Playa de Famara

Famara Beach Cove

Playa de Famara

Famara Beach

Surf en Playa de Famara

Surfing in Famara Beach

Opinions of Famara Beach

Reviewing some of the most prominent comments from visitors to Playa de Famara the phrases you mostly find are The “Best beach on Lanzarote”, “Magnificent sand and a huge beach”, “Wild and quiet at the same time”, “Movie sunset”.

Besides you will always find surfers who will recommend it as an ideal place to surf because of its winds and waves.

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